About JinConnect

Our Story

Jinconnect started with an idea and observation. Our team observed the potential Indian market has to grow in the digital world is enormous.

After the launch of Digital India campaign so many more startups came into existence with the integration of Digital Marketing in their business models.

Many of the businesses which emerged through the internet were from the metro cities of India.

We realised that there is still a large number of audience which we can cater by providing them with the resources they need to establish a name in the market which is dominated by the giants of every Industry.

So we took the initiative and started our journey with the mission to help small and medium businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs to grow.

We believe there is availability of abundant talent in India which lacks the platforms to showcase their best to the rest of the world.

We aim to help such start-ups to grow among this competitive space with proper professional guidance from the basics.

Why we are different

We aren’t just a marketing company. We want to see you grow. Our mission is not only help your business operate and make more sales, but also create a brand in in longer run.

We take care of all your marketing needs. We analyse, we evaluate, we implement. 

Marketing is capturing the market and market is the audience. Audience behaviour changes with time. Market trends change with time.

We make sure your business doesn’t fall behind. We strategise it all, whatever it takes your business to grow and thrive in the market filled up with competitors.


Super Efficient

Our Clients Love us and guess the reason? The efficiency we show when we do our job.

Deeply Commited

When we commit to something, our team with all the efforts work towards it to make it happen.

Highly Skilled

Our members are the best at what they do. We have the highly skilled team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the content and the design requirement, it might take between 3-20 Days to complete a project


There are no hidden charges but there will be maintenance charges to be paid annually depending on the plan you take and only if you wish to continue.

We charge a very little amount of 40% at the time of order and after the site is designed and approved by the client, we take the rest of the amount

You get the customization, the design and the outlook you want but it does not get over there. You also get an amazing post sales support always. Incase of any suggestions on Digital marketing services in Bangalore, we can also set an appointment with you.

Yes, based on your requirement, we can give you a sample of work which we can do for your business in terms of the growth you can acheive.

Class Apart

Our Great Team

Athar Bhatt

Athar Bhatt

Web Master

Operational head for India based out of Bangalore who is a Digital marketing enthusiast and loves to create new things. Having the expertise in Digital marketing strategy creation

Jennifer Austin

Computer Science

The Brain Behind the designs we suggest to our clients. A masters degree holder in Computer applications with an insane passion for coding based out of California.

Ronald Steve

UI Expert

Best anyone can ask for in terms of the user interface designing. Ronald loves to experiment with the colors and effect and is based out of  Utah.