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Article Writing Checklist | What You Must Check Before Publishing Your Next Article

If you are looking for the Secret of Successful Content writing (writing checklist), you are on the right page.

So if you are a blogger and you wonder which aspect to focus on… Let me help you today to understand exactly what you need to know before you write your next blog post.

There are many theories by many experts about the perfect ways to write content. But which one is right?

The Secret of Successful Content is not a secret anymore | We Have a Writing Checklist To Go Through

Writing Checklist

Most of them might be right but may not be right always. Since the way, search engines approach the content keeps changing with every new update. Earlier it was all about keywords.

It was easy for any blogger to make their blogs ranks higher in the search engines. All that was needed was to stuff in some focused keywords and bam… Your article is there on the top.

But the way things work now is different. It is not all about keywords. Quality content is the main key now. Doesn’t mean we should neglect the importance of keywords.

Keywords still play an important role. Earlier search engines focused on keywords but now they focus on keywords and content equally. We can say in most of the cases content plays a better role.

When we write, we should write for the reader rather than writing for search engines. A positive response from the reader helps in better ranking on the post. The behavior of a reader is monitored by search engines.

If the response of a visitor is good and he stays and reads your content, search engines rank you better next time.

A balance between the two is what makes a great digital marketing strategy.

Now we need to know a few things about writing good content for our blog post.

I’ve mentioned some of the important things we need to know before we start to write.

The Basics For Your Blog | Writing Checklist

Basic Writing Checklist For Your Blog

You may think writing good content is difficult but let me tell you it isn’t. To write great content a few things are needed to be considered. Below are some of the important things you should keep in mind:

  • Audience: Always know who are you writing for. Writing random things that interest you don’t make sense. It won’t be you reading your post again but the reader. Keep your focus on who is going to read your post. write to him to convey your piece of information.
  • Relevancy: While writing about a particular topic, stay grounded onto that. Your article should be completely about that topic. The whole blog post should revolve around the basics. Putting in unnecessary stuff just to increase the length or the article is not needed.
  • Reader Engagement: Try to create engaging content which makes the reader stay interested throughout the post. Reader engagement is necessary as that is what you are writing for in the first place
  • Length: Make sure the length of the paragraphs is not too long. Lengthy paragraphs look boring before even one can start reading them. short paragraphs could catch the eye. The overall length of an article could be longer depending on the topic but paragraphs. Even if the sentences used are shorter, it is better.
  • Grammar: Search engines and humans, both hate grammatical mistakes. Make sure before publishing a post that there are no grammatical errors. Avoid spelling mistakes and use proper tenses. Using incorrect language will hurt your ranking. It will definitely irritate the reader. Or It might create a different meaning altogether rather than what the writer intended.
  • Simple: Yes that’s right. I repeat, keep it simple. The simpler your blog post is, the easier it is to read. If the content is not easy to understand, it does not fulfill the requirement of the reader. The reader has less time and has come looking for some information. Better give it in a simple way without any complications.
  • Originality: Make sure the content you write is original and not copied. Posting copied stuff may lead you to a trap. A trap of getting your website penalized by search engines. Even if you are researching something from other sites, make your content relevant. Do not try to copy their content or style.
  • Keywords: Last but not least is the use of keywords. We need to consider all the above points but should consider keywords too. Before writing an article, keyword research is needed. Only then we will know what people are looking for. One we know what keywords we are focusing on, we need to know where to use them in the content wisely.


How to find the right keywords for your website

find the right keywords | Writing Checklist

So now that you know writing quality content should be the main focus of the writer. But apart from that keywords too should be considered.

Now the question arises how to find the right keyword for the post you are writing. And also what kind of keywords you should be targeting. There are various tools available online. Some are paid and some are free.

In this post, we will also talk about some of the free tools or methods we could use to get the right keywords. Not all of us would want to spend on keyword research before we see any results.

The kind of keywords we should be focusing on shouldn’t be highly competitive. Now how do we check if a keyword is highly competitive or not?

It is simple. We could just type the keyword in the search engine bar and examine the results shown. If the results are accurately coming as per the keyword and from good sources, it probably might not be the right idea to go after that keyword.

What now!

Try looking for longtail keywords rather than focusing on generic and short keywords which are too broad. Try to make the keyword more specific. E.g instead of focusing on “hair fall treatment”, we can try “Home remedies to stop hair fall”.

Chances are you might rank higher for that specific term. You could use tools like Google Trends, UberSuggest, and Answer the public which is free to use to get information about the keywords you intend to use. You also get Keyword suggestions from these tools.

Once you find the rights keywords, Now you need to figure out how and where to use the keywords in your post!

Writing Checklist | How to use keywords in Content

Writing Checklist | How to use keywords in Content

Talking about the usage of keywords in the content, we can not just stuff in keywords. There are certain places where we need to make sure our keywords exist.

  1. Starting from the top, the focused keyword must be present in the title of the page.
  2. Make use of the keywords in the meta description as well for a better impact on the person searching for that keyword.
  3. Use the focused keyword in the first sentence of your blog. It will help the search engines as well the reader to understand what the post is about.
  4. Don’t use only the main keyword but also the relevant long tail keywords which you can get from Google by installing a free chrome extension named as Keyword Everywhere.
  5. Make sure you use the heading tags i,e, H1, H2….H6 to make your post look organized to search engines and the reader. It is great to use keywords in the heading tags as they highlight the important text that is the keywords.

Hope this article was helpful in understanding the important points to consider before publishing your next article. Consider this writing checklist next time before you write an article.

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