Social Bookmarking in SEO

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO | An Expert Guide

Surely you know about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and Nowadays it is important for every website in terms of ranking in search engines to generate organic traffic.

In this article, I am going to cover one of the off-page SEO optimization techniques known as Social bookmarking in SEO with proper explanation.

What Is Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites are online portals which enable users to add (images & videos), edit and share different web document on the internet for their future reference or with the other users of that platform

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO | An Expert Guide

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO | An Expert Guide

As many SEO users know, For ranking an article in SERP A website needs a good SEO score.

Social Bookmarking in SEO is an off-page SEO optimization technique that allows gaining organic traffic by Add, donate, edit and share bookmarks of web documents on their browser and create a link between your website and the social bookmarking site which identified as a backlink in the eyes of search engine.

Generally, these social bookmarking sites generate two types of links which could be a Do-follow or a No-follow link. Do-follow links are always recognized as the quality links if coming from relevant page content sites which helps to increase website domain authority and PageRank.

Better understanding the use of Social bookmarking In SEO.

use of Social bookmarking In SEO

In this off-page SEO technique, we generally provide our website, content and business information on social bookmarking sites which allow their users to easily know about our content.

By creating this type of social bookmark, We help crawlers to know our site which makes our website more visible on the Internet.

Social Bookmarking also gives a better way to easily manage content across the web and gain organic traffic for the website.

As per the SEO point of view, most of the Social bookmarking sites are already having a high domain authority and less spam score which makes google bots to look for our sites and recognize the link and make sites more easily accessible all over the Internet.

How Does Social Bookmarking Help SEO?

How Does Social Bookmarking Help SEO?

See, Nowadays the internet is available all around the world and thanks to google. Which makes people to easily communicate with the all-over people on the internet. Google is a search engine that allows website owners to connect with their audience by providing the right information as per the needs of the and get rewards from Google.

As an SEO expert, we need to make sure that each website needs to follow the rule and regulation from google, which known as SEO.

We know there are three types of SEO techniques.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

As I explain above Social bookmarking is an Off-Page SEO Technique, In off-page techniques generally, we create backlinks through other platforms also from social bookmarking sites.

Better use of social bookmarking SEO is to gain organic traffic through backlinks and make the website more visible on the Internet.

Having a good quality backlink on websites makes it more visible, Increases domain authority and gets a chance of ranking on the SERP.

Now the question is Does Social Bookmarking help SEO?

Of course, it does!

To achieve the rankings in SERP we have to follow all the SEO techniques. Now you know it’s an off-page SEO technique where we generate quality backlink from Social bookmarking site.

“Suppose you write an article and try to get the ranking on Google’s results page. First, decide the keyword check the competitors for that keyword. Do a complete competition analysis.

So when you do that you see everything you can complete without many difficulties but when terms come about the backlink you have to put so much effort into making this possible.

And getting a backlink from high authority domain it’s a tough task! For creating a backlink from high authority domain we use social bookmarking which makes it easy to get a backlink from their sites but in this also you’ll find difficulties but here you can manage.”

Having a quality backlink always Increase Organic traffic, Domain authority, and Page rank which possible by the social bookmarking site.

Social Bookmarking sites benefits in SEO

Social Bookmarking sites benefits in SEO

As per SEO points of view social bookmarking always helps a website to gain organic traffic through the link and also for creating good quality backlinks.

We are living in the internet world where we play with the links in daily life from morning to evening through social media, Games, Knowledge, news and etc depends on the user needs.

There is one question in mind. How they are getting answers? Or How does google shows the answer?

See, Google has a spider(bots) to crawl and index web pages or content on the internet. They have types of pattern which we do in on-page optimization as title, meta description, URL and targeted keyword according to that Google shows the answer to the users.

And we promote these content on other sites or social bookmarking sites by providing content details So, the niche-oriented audience can easily have access to the website.

5 benefits of Social Bookmarking in SEO

benefits of Social Bookmarking in SEO

Backlink- Social bookmarking sites are really helpful for content promotion in SEO. As we know backlink helps the website to get rank on SERP. Getting a backlink from a high authority domain is not an easy task or without a backlink, we can not get rank. So, we use the social bookmarking technique to get the link and these social bookmarking sites are having good domain authority and less spam score.

Niche Oriented Traffic- Social bookmarking sites are really helpful to get organic traffic on the website. As we know we use a social bookmarking site for getting a backlink. And backlink always connects with our site which drives traffic source for our website.

For better understanding-Social bookmarking site giving you a quality backlink and

also send you the new users to your website. How? Always all websites are niche-oriented and running through own audiences and when we provide our details on these social bookmarking site from their audience, if anyone is related to our niche they can easily visit our site.

Domain Authority- As I mention above social bookmarking sites are having good domain scores and when we get a backlink from these websites So, then people especially google recognizes our website good and understand the brand value. According to that, it gives a number which makes the website more Authorable.

Easy To Drive- Social bookmarking sites help other sites easier accessible through the link. Having more backlinks of sites it drow one good figure in the eye of a search engine after that search engine rank websites based on the keyword. When a new user or existed user wants information about the site. So, in real-time, it is easy for the crawler to show your website on the top of SERP.

Personal Branding- Social Bookmarking sites are generally based on social media site where you can update news feed and get connected with bookmarking users. For, personal branding or depend on the need: how much are you open with your audience that much traffic you will gain.

How to Create a Social Bookmarking link for SEO?

How to Create a Social Bookmarking link for SEO?

● Go to the Search query

● Search for the Social Bookmarking Sites

● Click to the Social Bookmarking site

● Sign up one of the resulting sites.

● Create a magazine and provide your landing page URL and save it.

Backlinks from social bookmarking sites take some time to show results until they are indexed by Google to improve our site visibility and rankings.

How to check do follow or no follow link?

check do follow or no follow link

● Visit your bookmark site

● Click on the URL

● Click right mouse

● Go to inspect

● And put the mouse on the link

In Inspect if you find out your link with rel=Nofollow tag, it is a no-follow link or else if the rel=nofollow tag isn’t there then it is a do-follow link

Is Social Bookmarking still effective in 2020?

Is Social Bookmarking is still effective in 2020?

Yes, it is!

Most of the social bookmarking sites are niche-oriented and run through their own audience. So there is still a long way to go for the effectiveness of social bookmarking sites.

Here is the list of 10 Social Bookmarking sites with domain authority and Alexa Ranking.

Social Site Domain Authority  Alexa Rank 98 17 100 65 98 78 92 2420 94 2480 91 1601 80 6293 76 5785911 92 19404 95 21002

See, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram also helps to create backlinks from their sites. And likewise, there are many social media sites available on the internet which you can use for your website to create high quality backlinks.


We all know about SEO being a little tricky. In this off-page SEO technique, you have to involve yourself in it because getting success is not easy when the competition is high.

Better suggestion when you do this make one excel sheet and maintain all data over there because when do next you can easily go through with your list and keep update data on social bookmarking site.

I hope this article really helps to get the answer to what you are looking for.


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