Landing Page Tips for Facebook Ads

Landing Page Tips for Facebook Ads | 6 Tips That Help You Convert

Are you an advertiser? Do you run facebook ads? Well if yes, you have landed up at the right place.

In this article I’ll share some best practices to create landing page for facebook ads in the year 2020.

Facebook has become tricky for digital marketers. It is getting harder to get good results in running ads on Facebook due to the increasing number of advertisers competing within multiple industries.

Facebook is popular for many reasons as a platform to promote a business. It could be the large possibility of targeting a huge audience or it could be the magical pixel code to track people coming to your site and then re-target them again.

Well for that magic of Facebook machine learning algorithms to work with the help of pixel tracking code, it is advisable to take the visitors to your website using traffic as the basic objective.

This will help Facebook recognize the people browsing your site in order to target them again the next time or target people similar to the audience who visited your website.

Honestly! It takes time. It takes some good time period as well as investment for you to feed Facebook algorithms with enough data so that they can understand the difference between a good and bad audience.

You can not surely afford to make mistakes in that case. Every mistake you will make is going to cost you money.

So in this article, you will learn some of the coolest tricks you should use when you are designing a page where your visitor is going to land after clicking on the ad on Facebook. The page which we call as “The Landing Page

Using the points mentioned below will help you increase your conversion rates and reduce bounce rates, making your campaigns more effective.

you could use these points to run campaigns to generate leads mostly which could be for any industry. Be it real-estate, be it the education sector, job industry, fitness clubs, or anything, these points are applicable everywhere.

So, let’s get started.

Do you need a Landing Page For Facebook Ads?

You don’t necessarily need a landing page to run Facebook ads for lead generation but for some of the campaign types like traffic, it is a compulsion.

For lead generation, you can use Facebook’s inbuilt feature or lead collection. It is recommended though to take your users to a landing page where you would have integrated pixel tracking code. You can re-target people who have not converted.

Does Facebook Have Landing pages?

Facebook has an ad type called facebook instant experience ads. You can give your audience a website like an experience without them leaving Facebook.

These pages are optimized for mobile phones and can be shown to people who are browsing using mobile phones only. You can add elements like Logo, Images, Videos, Product carousels, Forms for Leads, and more.

Landing Page Tips for Facebook Ads For The Year 2020

There are some major components that you should be including in Your landing pages, making your landing pages the ones that convert. So, here is the list which I feel is a must for a higher landing page conversion rate.

Chatbot is must

No major website we see today does not have a chatbot. Having a chatbot integrated into your landing page creates a two-way communication channel where your visitors can ask you any queries in real-time.

This does not only solve their queries but also creates a sense of trust. This shows the active behavior of your business being present which is a major deciding factor for any customer to trust any business.

There are multiple good chat systems, free and paid both, available in the market. If you use WordPress as a platform to build your website, you can use plugins like Tidio, Tawk, & Drift for easy integration.

Integrate social proofing

Integration of social proofing in a landing page

We don’t buy a product if we know nobody has bought it before. And similarly, if we find out that there is a product which is pretty much in demand, we tend to get more attracted.

Knowing this behavior of our audience, we should have a mechanism in our landing pages that constantly keeps telling our customers that there are other people who are buying our stuff continuously.

Doing this will create a sense of FOMO, which means fear of missing out on them. They may tend to react in a much positive way towards such a thing.

Again we have plenty of third-party apps available in the market which can help you showcase a notification to others every time someone buys from your website. You can also custom create such notifications. I would recommend prove source and notificationx as some of my favorites.

Reviews reviews & more reviews

Reviews on a landing page

When we buy something online, we don’t just blindly go and buy the products unless we have a lot of cash available to burn. No matter what we buy, there has to be some research involved.

We look at what people who have already bought that product have to say about it. Depending on the kind of reviews we find, we build an image of that product. Bad reviews can chase away potentially good clients and good reviews can attract them.

Reviews make them trust us more. So when creating landing pages for Facebook ads and Google ads, if we show the good reviews of our existing customers, it will surely increase the trust level which means and increased conversion rate.

There are again many ways to integrate reviews into your landing page. You can either manually type in the reviews your customers have given you along with their names, pictures, and designations if needed so they look genuine.

If not, you can integrate reviews from your existing Google my business pages using any third party plugin and they should also do a fine job.

Clickable contact number


Now many people aren’t comfortable chatting using chatbots. They prefer to have a conversation with a human over call.

Therefore it is recommended to have a contact number mentioned on your landing page. But hold on! Only mentioning the contact number isn’t enough.

I mean it’s better than having a no contact number but you need to make sure it’s clickable. You wouldn’t want your customers to copy-paste your number or note it down first and then call you.

Convenience is the key here. Make it easy for them to perform an action. You can easily do it by using a tel parameter along with the contact number. Using it, whenever someone clicks on the number while browsing through their phones, automatically it will open up their dialer with your number.

An exit pop-up

An exit pop-up on the landing page of your ad

This will be mainly applicable for the people browsing through a desktop or laptop. This is a kind of pop-up that appears when people are about to close your page in their browser.

You might wonder how exactly your system would know that your visitor is about to close and show the pop-up at the same time. The answer is the movement of the cursor.

We show a common trait when closing a window or the browser that is taking the cursor to the upper section of the page at a faster pace.

There are multiple pop-up builders available in the market. I would recommend Elementor pro if you use WordPress. Apart from popups, it will be helpful for a lot more.

Don’t Use Excess Navigation

Removal of navigation in the landing page

You created an ad copy. Your objective is clear. Why do you want your visitor to be attracted to the other sections of your website? Do you want him to forget what he came there for? Obviously not.

Clearly, there is no need for you to add any sort of navigation in your landing page for your Facebook ads other than what is needed. Try removing the header and the footer from the page. Those are generally the parts of your website with a number of links.

This will keep your customer focused as he won’t be having many things to distract him. Then depending upon your writing skills or graphical presentation, he may or may not perform the desired action. But surely, using this hack, you will keep him less distracted.

I hope this article helps you create your upcoming Landing Page for Facebook Ads more efficiently and I hope your conversions go up. All the best

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