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YouTube SEO Tips – Scale your YouTube channel to next level

YouTube is becoming so famous. The number of YouTubers is increasing. This article is about YouTube SEO tips You need to know if you want to start your YouTube channel and grow that as well crafted by JinConnect.

I’m sure about the fact that if you implement all these tips mentioned in this article on your YouTube channel, your YouTube channel is going to grow pretty soon. Without further hold-up, let’s get started.

Best YouTube SEO Tips of 2020

Craft a Great Title

Having a great title is important for any YouTube video to fetch a good number of clicks on it from search results.

People judge or video by its title. If the title of your video is not good, No matter how good your content is, people are not going to click on it.

When we ourselves go and look for some video on YouTube, we first and enter our keyword. What makes us click on a video that we feel will have the relevant information that we are looking for?

It is the title of the video mainly which influences us to click on it. When a title is good we get more clicks on the video and out CTR(Click through rate) increases which is a good sign to Youtube to improve our organic ranking.

Note: Many people are really good at creating titles. But possibly some are there who aren’t really good at it. For them, I would recommend using Title or headline generators. You can go to Google and look for “title generators” and You will find many.

Thumbnails Do Matter

Along with the title, there is another important factor that will decide if people will click on your video from the search results or not! and that is the Thumbnail of your video.

When we look for something in youtube as a search query, we see a lot of results. We click on the one that attracts us the most and makes better sense compared to the rest.

Now, what is it that attracts and catches the eye? The Thumbnail. Yes, If we find an image attractive enough, we stop by and watch that video.

So how do we create a great Thumbnail for our video? Do we need to learn photoshop and all? No, you don’t. We can create amazing Thumbnails by using tools like Canva and Crello for free. These tools have an easy to use interface where we can create our visuals without many efforts.

Try using some custom pictures which you have clicked. It can build better credibility. Also if you can, use the logo of your brand to make it standardized throughout. When somebody looks at your Youtube channel, they should see multiple videos following a common layout rather than a rainbow.

SEO Friendly Description

Like the way we perform SEO for a webpage and try crafting a meta description, similarly we to do the same in Youtube as well.

We see so many videos on Youtube and Most of them, the Youtuber speaks about clicking the link in the description. For every video, we have an opportunity to describe the video content as a description of that video.

When we are describing the video, we need to make sure that we are using the main keyword that we are trying to rank for in the description section.

Usage of the targeted keyword is a signal for Youtube for ranking our video for particular keywords. When we make the combination right, that is using the keyword in the title and the description, we are telling YouTube that these are the keywords we are trying to rank for.

Promotion of your video with-in 48 Hours after Publishing

Youtube considers the number of video views your video gets within 48 hours after you publish your video.

Make sure that you are promoting your new upload as much as possible within 48 hours. Send links to your friends and ask them to share. Request them to share it with their friends and ask their friends to share as well.

Post the link to your video on all the social media platforms you are active on. Go to different forums and communities related to the topic of that video and share that video their as well.

Do not spam people unnecessarily though. Avoid sharing links on platforms or communities where you posting your video link won’t make sense. It is not ethical to spam people.

Video Keyword Research is Important

We are talking about SEO here. And surely SEO without keyword research is incomplete. Like the way we do keyword research for writing articles, we also need to do keyword research for videos before crafting the title.

Now the thing is how will you do the keyword research? Well everything, when we speak of digital marketing, has a tool. I would suggest using VidIQ, which is one of the top-rated Google Chrome extensions for doing keyword-based research on Youtube.

Using this Extension, You may find data like views per hour, Social Engagement of the video, SEO score, Link count in the description, Video optimization checklist, Channel related details, Video and channel tags used, and primary topics.

You can also try using the Youtube Auto-complete feature which is similar to Google. You type out your main keyword and you find other suggestions to complete your main keyword on the base=is of what others are already actively searching.

You can also use tools like for basic keyword research for Youtube. They have a separate option for keyword research for Youtube and are pretty much easy to use like other keyword research tools you would have used in the past.

YouTube wants User Engagement

As a platform, Youtube will always want to have as many people possible using its platform. And what is it which brings people on this platform and makes them stay for a longer time?

It is the Videos we upload which brings them there and the quality of those videos which keeps them on the platform for long. Since the attention span of the users nowadays is very low, try to retain them with your videos.

Don’t make videos which are boring. Help Youtube to grow the user base. We can now understand that YouTube will definitely appreciate the kind of content which keeps the user engaged.

Therefore, creating videos that are highly engaging can be one of the major factors which can result in the success of your Youtube channel. Focus on creating Videos that retain the person for long and make them like, comment, and share the videos you upload.

Like that, you will be keeping Youtube happy and in return, Youtube will make you happy by giving your videos a boost that they deserve (If the Content is good).

File Name of The Video

When you are uploading the video, don’t upload the video file of the name vid_0046r.mp4 or something like that which doesn’t make sense.

Make sure you change the name of the file before uploading it to something more suitable and related to the kind of content you will be creating. You can also try to fit in the main keyword as the video file name.

Doing this helps the crawlers or the algorithms of youtube understand better what your video can be about. This isn’t a big factor though yet one of the small tweaks you can make to ensure your video ranks high and you get those crazy views.

Use Proper Hashtags For Your Videos

When you upload a picture on Instagram or Facebook, you do tend to use the hashtags with a hope to find the right audience and get a better response.

When we speak of the videos we upload on YouTube, we have the opportunity to add Hashtags to them. These hashtags help Youtube understand the main topic of the video and try to show our video to the relevant audience.

When our video is shown to the right set of audiences, they tend to engage better with our content and we get a higher engagement rate. Which again helps us grow as a channel.

Make sure you don’t bombard your videos with unnecessary tags. That way you can confuse the Youtube algorithms which can be a barrier for the ranking. It is better to use only a few most relevant hashtags with the videos we upload.

Youtube understand the Language

We see so many YouTubers Nowadays who make videos in the regional languages. Which can be a good thing. Youtube gives preference to the videos in regional languages in those particular areas.

If you feel that you can do it well, you shouldn’t wait. Go and start making videos in your regional language. It will help you get more views from your city or country and also you can be more popular among the audience of your place.

So, basically it is a win-win. You get good growth as well as fame. Try speaking the keyword number of times without spoiling the user experience. Since Youtube can understand your language, mainly if it is English, speaking out your keyword more can help Youtube understand what you are talking about. You will start ranking better for your keyword.

Hope this article about Youtube SEO tips will help out some of my friends who are looking forward to growing their Youtube channel to make money, fame, and more. If you feel this can help out others as well, It would be appreciated if you can share it with them

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