Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners |Things You Must Know to Be a Successful Blogger

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Hello There,

Are you a beginner in blogging?

Do you know there are so many new bloggers out there like you who want to start their blogs!

So what is it that will make you stand out of the crowd?

blogging tips for beginners

In this article, I’ll share some blogging tips for beginners you should know before starting a blog.

There are various blogging platforms where you can work on your passion for blogging. Some are free, and for some blogging platforms, you need to pay. Depending on your objectives, you can pick up and one.

So let me assume that you wish to build a blog to create your impact online as an achievement for later fetching a job as a digital marketer. Or you want to earn money through blogging.

Here is a list of things you need to do for a successful blog. So let’s get started.

Pick a Niche that you are Passionate about

Blogging Tips For Beginners |find a niche

Niche is a topic on which you write. If you want to be a successful blogger you need to have a specific audience to which your content will be delivered. You should know who are the people who will read the posts in your blog. So having Niche Is the first thing you need to decide upon.

If you are new to blogging chances are that you might give up very soon if you are writing about something that you are not interested in or passionate about. Pick up a topic that doesn’t bore you, and you can go on talking about that topic for us together without a stretch.

It will benefit you in the long run as blogging is something that will need a lot of dedication and time from your end. Be careful while choosing your Niche.  For example, you like sports but sports being a broad topic to cover all together you can narrow It Down by picking a particular game like cricket.  

If you further want to narrow it down, you can specifically talk about any single aspect of cricket like bowling or batting techniques. This way you are going to make your blog very specific and particular and chances of your online presence for that particular topic will be higher.

Domain Name and Hosting selection

Blogging Tips For Beginners | domain and hosting

Now that you have got a Niche to write about the next step is to choose a blogging platform where you put down your content. There are two different ways to create your blog.

Some platforms offer free services where you can go and start a blog, but they do not let you monetize your blog in the long run once you start getting traffic.  Some of the examples are medium and Tumblr.

If you are a passionate writer and want to blog as a hobby, then you can go ahead with these platforms as they are great to use. But if you’re going to blog to make money, then you should look for alternate platforms.

The platform which I presently used and which is most widely used throughout the internet is WordPress.  I would recommend you also use the same. You can start building your website on WordPress for free if you are not looking for blogging as a serious career.

To get started first you need to register a domain name. The domain name will be the identity of your site on the internet e,g, So here my domain name is Jinconnect. Similarly, you need to have a domain name which you can get from any of the domain registrars like Godaddy.

Now after having the domain you need to have it hosted. Hosting is a place where you store all your files on the internet. Having a good hosting is one of the best blogging tips for beginners I would give. It’s better to take hosting from a reputed company. Good hosting means a faster website. The faster your site is, the easier it will be for you to rank in the search engine result pages. Some of the companies which provide hosting and I personally recommend would be Bluehost or siteground for a WordPress website.

Treat Your Blog as your Business

Blogging Tips For Beginners | blog business

Blogging can be very challenging at times. It will need a lot of hard work and consistency for you to make your blog successful. Treat your blog as you will manage your business.  You need to keep an eye on every activity that is happening around your blog. You should know what is working well with your blog and what is not.

Like the way you operator business and show up every day at your office; similarly, you need to show up every day on your blog. Not necessarily you need to post every day, but you need to be available for your audience. You need to maintain constant touch with your visitors.

There could be chances of unexpected errors since it is the technology that you are operating. Being unaware of such errors on your website may cause you or your blog enormous damage. You may end up losing a lot of traffic, or your search engine rankings may fall.

So make sure you keep checking your blog consistently. Persistence is essential in blogging. Make this a habit and this habit will help you make your blog successful and you a successful blogger.

Know Your Target Audience

Blogging Tips For Beginners | know your target audience

After you know what you are niche is, you need to make one thing very clear, and that is who is your target audience. Again an important point on my list of blogging tips for beginners. You need to know the articles that you write within your niche, who will be reading them. Without having a clear mindset about who is going to be your reader you may not have a very successful blog.

Once you know who your target audience is you need to know what they would like to read. You should know what they are looking for and you should deliver the content which will provide value to your readers. It does not make any sense to write about things that nobody would like to read.

After writing a few first articles on your blog, you may run out of ideas. You can turn towards platforms like Quora and various other forums where people discuss things related to your niche. Considering these platforms, you will know what your reader is looking for. Start writing about things that are trending or unanswered.

So once a visitor that comes on to your site finds high-quality content, he is going to like it. There are chances of him returning to your website as well as he is promoting your content if it is that great.

One Post One Topic

Blogging Tips For Beginners | Single topic blog post

Sometimes this may happen that the topic you are writing about may have various aspects to it. You may have a lot more knowledge about that particular topic than what is sufficient for that blog post. What you need to consider here is not to mix up things. If you are writing about a particular topic and give your post a title, Make sure you don’t go out of the box and bug your reader.

Imagine you come across the post which says ‘10 things you need to know about MacBook Air.’ And you open that post with an intention to know about MacBook Air. Once you begin that post and you find the information being provided is relevant to the title.

Instead of MacBook Air, the blog post is talking about some other product that you are not interested in. How will that experience go with you? I am sure that you are going to close the Tab immediately as that was not what you expected to read.

Stay focused on the title of your blog post. Write the information related to the topic. That is what your readers will appreciate. Provide high-quality information or content associated with the subject of your blog post. Do not write about irrelevant stuff at all. That is not going to help you in any way.  

That will spoil the image of your blog in the mind of the visitor. He will leave with a lousy User experience which will hurt your SEO rankings.

Set Your Blogging Goals

Blogging Tips For Beginners | blogging goals

This step is crucial. Before you start your blog if you know what your goal is. Starting your blogging career as a beginner without having a definite purpose is stupidity. So before you proceed to create a world-class blog, you should know the reason why you are building it.

The choice is entirely yours and the option you choose you to need to work upon that accordingly. Suppose you are looking forward to earning some money through affiliate marketing then your content should be by the products or the niche you want to make money with.

You can write blogs on general topics as well if you want to earn through Google AdSense. You can talk about the trending topics and get some traffic to your website. At the same point of time when the traffic is right, you can lend some space to Google to show up their ads which will make you earn some bucks.

Before setting up your blogging goals make sure your goals are specific. You should know what you want to do with your blog. Make your blogging goals measurable and achievable. Keep a constant watch on your goals and see how far you have come from where you started. Always measure your success. Set deadlines for yourself and within those deadlines achieve the target you set for that period.

Go Slow Before being a Full-Time Blogger

Blogging Tips For Beginners | full time blogger

If you have decided to become a full-time blogger, you should know the circumstances of it. You should see the impact it will have on your lifestyle. If you are a working professional and want to quit your job to start a blog, then you will have to consider many things.

In India blogging is not taken as a full-time job or a fruitful career. In the initial stage, you may not be able to make what a full-time position will provide you. There are chances that you might not make a single penny as well. There might be certain expenses you will have to pay to start a blog. Instead of having hoped to make money you will end up spending money to maintain your blog. It will take a lot of hard work dedication and time for your blog to be successful.

So I would suggest you start blogging in your free time and make it a habit. Once you start seeing the growth of your blog and you see some stable income you can go ahead and b a full-time blogger.

But yeah if you are a student or a house maker and have some free time to utilize you can go ahead and start your blog today. The risk factor in your case will be reduced to zero since you will not have much to sacrifice compared to a person who is having a proper job.

This point is something you need to consider if you do not want to be in a financial mess.

Add Value to the Internet with your Blog

Blogging Tips For Beginners | quality content writing

Let me ask you a question!

So with the blog that you start what is it that you are going to give to the world of the internet. Do you think the content that you are going to provide is not already available on the Internet or the available one you can offer better content?

Just one thing that you need to keep engraved in your mind is that whenever you write a piece of content make sure you write it with the intention of adding value to the reader of your blog. Your purpose should always be to add on some high and valuable content so that people will appreciate and will find helpful when they read it.

You know it very well that nobody gives a damn about an article which is randomly published on the internet without providing any value to anybody. Always when you create content keep asking yourself that same question repeatedly that whether this content is going to help anybody out there or you are just writing it for self-satisfaction and will not have any value to anybody else.

The success of your blog is dependent on this factor. When you give something valuable to the society you get back what you deserve and want that is traffic to your website or blog. So next time when you are creating a blog post, build it with an intent to deliver value.


Blogging Tips For Beginners | Patience

The most remarkable quality of being a successful blogger is patience. There are so many people who have tried their luck in the career of blogging but failed due to this reason. Blogging isn’t something where you just hit it, and you nailed it. You need to have a lot of patience before you see the numbers flowing on your screen.

It may be frustrating to see that you work hard and that there is not much traffic on your blog. I have seen people who have made the same mistake and have failed. I have seen people who have kept their feet stable on the ground and patiently waited, and their hard work paid off.

So if you have started blogging, you would have begun knowing that this career is right or you are passionate about this career. But because you’re not seeing any results any sooner you think to quit. Waiting is always better than stopping. You may not be seeing some achievement yet, but that does not mean that you cannot achieve it.

You would have come across so many successful blogs throughout the internet and guess what! They are not successful because of the attempts they made in a couple of days but because of all the hard work and dedication the put to create their blogs throughout the process. That might would have taken months or in some cases years together.

Write In-depth content

Blogging Tips For Beginners | longer content ranks better

Just writing the content isn’t enough. Your content has to be lengthy and in-depth with excellent quality information. As per the Google guidelines, the longer the content, the better it is in terms of SEO ranking. Extended content does not necessarily mean to write anything and everything to make your blog post longer. It should be something that is of high quality.

So many famous bloggers in the field of digital marketing stress on this fact that the content we write should be of a great length to achieve greater success. There was one research done by Backlinko which I came across which says that an average blog post on the first page of Google search engine results is almost around 1890 words. (Source: Backlinko)

So what I recommend is you should always do brief research before you start writing about any topic. The broader your analysis is, the higher the chances of your content being in depth are. Try to get into detailing and explain briefly if you are writing about any specific topic.

If the content that you provide is long enough with the excellent quality of information, there are chances of you getting more backlinks without even asking for it. It also increases the chances of your content being shared by your visitors on social media.

Headlines are Important

Blogging Tips For Beginners | headline for blog

Every blog post starts with the headlines, or we can say the title. The title of your blog will determine 50% of the success of your blog. A good title means a good click-through rate and good attraction for the visitors.

Let’s take the example of a newspaper. When you read a newspaper, you come across various pages filled with so many different sectors. It can be sports, business, or entertainment sections. You do not read all of that news. What you read is what attracts you the most. And what excites you the most is something that is related to your passion with a tremendous eye-catching headline.

What do you think about how much time is a person willing to give you who is online with an enormous amount of content available to him? The attention span of a visitor will be very less, and the title of your blog will be your only chance to grab his attention and make him click on your blog post.

The title is also something which is the face of your blog post and tells people about the blog post and the content it has. This will help you to reach the right people who want to read about the content that you have written.

Don’t keep your titles boring. Make use of human emotions and use them as a tool to make a great headline for your blog. You should always use such things to increase the click-through rate for your blog post. You can include a factor of curiosity into your headline, or you can keep your headline as a thought-provoking one that will make the visitor think about it and make him think to click.

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing

Blogging Tips For Beginners | Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing

Now that you have created great content a great headline and you are just waiting for people to come over and read your blog post. But hold on this isn’t so easy. You need to make sure that people know about your blog post and how they will know about it!

The people on the internet will know about your blog post only after the search engines know that your content exists. That is where search engine Optimisation comes into the picture. If you are a blogger and you want to pursue your career into blogging as a full-time blogger then make sure at least you know the basics of search engine Optimisation. Search engine Optimisation is the set of techniques that you apply to your blog to gain visibility in the search engine results pages.

You don’t need to be a master in this field but if you master this well enough for you. Learn the basics so that you can optimize your blog according to the guidelines of the search engines like Bing and Google.

All the hard work and efforts that you would have put into creating that piece of content when not fetch you any fruits if you do not optimize your content.

Another significant aspect of blogging is to promote your blog on social media platforms. This brings in an excellent opportunity to make your content reach to millions of people online on different social media platforms. You can create your Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel, Twitter account or any other social media account and start promoting.

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