Website Design Ideas

Website Design Ideas – Make Your Website More Appealing with these tips

So who doesn’t want to own good looking website design? The problem is not everybody gets Website Design Ideas for their site. Even if they do, the ideas aren’t that great.

Website design and development is essential. So in this post, we will take a look at some of The Best Website Design Ideas for the year 2020.

Best Website Design Ideas 2020

Here are some trending website design ideas you may use to make your website look better and stand out of the crowd:

Landing Page Layout

Website Design Ideas | landing page layout

Create a beautiful website design landing page. It will be a page that will come up when a person enters your URL in his browser. A landing page can help you stand out. Make sure it loads faster and catches the attention.

There are many tools available in the market which you could use to create a great landing page for your site. Some of the popular ones used are:


Device Compatibility

Website Design Ideas | Device Compatibility

So users may come across various devices. Nowadays most of the work is done from smartphones, and they come with multiple screen sizes. We need to make sure that our website works flawlessly on all the devices. If the compatibility doesn’t match with the device being used, a negative impact is formed on the mind of the visitor.

The visitor may leave the site without even checking it. So there could be the chances of an increased bounce rate. Therefore, a higher bounce rate may affect the ranking on your website subjected to the type of content your site offers.

You can check out if your site is mobile-friendly or not by taking the mobile-friendly test by Google for free.


User Friendly Website

Website Design Ideas | user friendly website

To whom are you making the content? The reader. Website design is considered to be good when it is user-friendly. The model should be an easy view for the reader. The reader should be able to understand the content of the website easily.

They should not wait for more time for the website to load. The loading speed should be faster. The language used should be perfect. There should be no grammatical errors. Use simple words that are easy to understand.

You should use good fonts in a uniform pattern which is soothing to the eyes. I suggest having a search bar on your website. It helps the user find what they are looking for without wasting much time.

Please focus on the reader and his convenience. Consider what will make him surf your website more conveniently and implement the same. It can create wonders. There is an article I’ve written about some of the best on-page SEO techniques.

Call To Action Button

Website Design Ideas | Call To Action Button

A Call To Action button is an essential feature. It recommends to use it on your site. A Call To Action button makes the long process short. So it directly navigates the user and drives them to the desired action. We can see most of the websites having Implemented Call To Action Button on their sites.

The purpose of a Call To Action button may vary as per the desired goal. It may be a subscription link that says register now or buy now. Similarly, it may be a download link to a specific file, a link to an instant form that you wish to be filled by the user and so on.

Hence it would be best if you positioned a Call To Button in the central area of your site. It looks cool and leads to your purpose.

Chatbots For Websites

Website Design Ideas | chatbots for websites

Bots have been gaining popularity for past one year. They work on the principles of Artificial Intelligence. Bots can be integrated with a website in the form of Chatbots, Navigational Bots, or Super Bots.

We can see websites having Chatbots which interact with the user and help them answer, Navigate users through or Answer their queries using Super Bots like Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple, and Cortana by Microsoft.

You had likely noticed how chatbots based on artificial intelligence gained incredible popularity in 2018. Bear in mind the narrative when communicating with one another, how Facebook bots invented language. A beautiful story indicates that we’re on the point of transformations.

Chatbots generated on the grounds of neural networks, and artificial intelligence will continue to evolve assisting increase communication online. That is web growth tendencies 2019, although I wonder what it will cause. Perhaps they do add a charm to the website and can be considered as one of the best website design ideas of 2019.

Animations For Websites

Website Design Ideas | Animations For Websites

The most alluring team from the site is the smooth cartoon and animations. The pictures are getting common. We can see them everywhere and on almost every site. It is one of the internet design tendencies of 2019.

Motion UI is the most fast gaining popularity library in 2018 since it enables developers to reestablish content as simple a possible with no strong knowledge in JavaScript or jQuery library. Development is relying upon SASS preprocessor.

So having good animations on your website is one of the best website design ideas. It is eye-catching and retains the interest of the reader. You can use them to convey a message with greater meaning compared to regular pictures.

Accelerated Mobile Page

Website Design Ideas | accelerated mobile page

AMP also called ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages‘. It is intended to boost the general performance of internet content and advertisements while enhancing site speed and consumer experience. It works smoothly, and individuals have started enjoying it. In ways, it’s reasonable to say that AMP is here to remain.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source initiative endeavor designed to maximize quicker Mobile pages. It is like carrying a page that’s already portable friendly and Which makes it load faster, by stripping it down to fundamentals.

When Google Started the Mobile-friendliness Upgrade And finally made it among the cell search engine ranking things, website owners started awaiting a quicker mobile experience.

So Optimising your web pages for Mobile users is fantastic. However, if the browser pages are not loading fast, that is a Hiccup that could discourage users from appreciating your articles.

In Short, pages Which are AMP-optimized rank better and quicker, and they indeed convert More Mobile page traffic to clients.

Finally, I hope this article helps you create a better version of your site.

Wish you luck.

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