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Best digital marketing blogs in 2019

You are here to check Best digital marketing blogs in 2019. ‘Digital Marketing’ – The phrase itself is an outrage today. So much so the internet revolution took place, almost every necessity can be fulfilled in the digital world. Mobile phone usage has been on a constant rise and an average person spends a minimum 5 to 6 hours on the mobile phone these days. This is twenty-five percent of the time in a day and various activities done in this particular time, save the time and efforts as compared to the real world time and efforts. This being said, the reason for the effective usage of time lies in harnessing the power of digital marketing efficiently.

Any business today can be brought in to the digital world from the real world. Since this is an ongoing process, there is likely to be huge competition and one thing that the businesses have to focus on is the way to stand out all the time. There is a constant need to research the field and execute the processes based on the analysis. One such effective and result driven method is powerful content.

Content Marketing was always present as a key marketing strategy. On the real world, it was mostly done as a face to face explanation on the business to consumer platform. In the business to business platform, it was present as a website or a presentable material. Now that the digital world relies on SEO, SMO, SEM and SMM methods, the content marketing is done in a more vivid manner. The content has to be chosen with utmost care and consciousness. These include the words on the blog, the wordings on the advertisements. The phrase or words that belong right in the spot or the catchy terms will deliver the results straight.

When it comes to blogs, the information has to be a whole representation of the businesses. The words that form the content should also be able to be hashtagged to get you there. Having said that, the blog writings are also considered to significantly improve Search Engine Optimization because it improves the page rankings by a number of mentions. There are several popular blogs that are dedicated for the purpose and it is such that, a mention in the particular blogs do count for a high yield. In this article, I’ve gathered a list of the best digital marketing blogs which can be helpful for you to stay updated with the latest trends of the digital marketing industry.

best digital marketing blogs you must readHere we take a peek into the best digital marketing blogs at present :

  1. The HubSpot Blog – They specialize in content marketing and the sales part. If you are a novice who would like to get some experience in the field, you would be extremely benefitted from their blog because it gets you learning about lead generation, sales and the required techniques on hand.
  2. Copyblogger Blog – When it comes to content formation and writing, they are on their toes. They tell you all about the content world that requires to be bang on the spot. They also have specific areas of training which can be acquired based on one’s necessity.
  3. Content Marketing Institute – This blog contains a whole lot of information about digital marketing. There is everything you need to know based on various topics such as research, visual content, social media, strategies involved, content distribution and much more. This is one blog that should never be missed.
  4. Contently Blog – The address is on the specific functionalities of a brand, its demand, and sales. It is one of the great blogs because of their wide range of blog formats available. Yes, that’s right! The blog formats are available in the form of case studies, e-book, reports, videos, and webinars.
  5. The Moz Blog – If there is one thing that needs to be learned as to how to maintain the blogs, it is that it needs to be updated and it is not always enough. The Moz Blog exactly focusses on these topics and deals with how to leverage the old blogs, how to maximize the output based on the blog length and much more detailed topics. The new content creation is always from these updated methods.
  6. TippingPointLabs – They totally stand out from other blogs. This is because of their strategic approach towards blogging probably. They probably have the best and clear strategy driven and a message delivering approach which harnesses the power of content marketing.
  7. Duct Tape Marketing – Blogging or content marketing is a thing that is needed by all, be it big businesses or start-ups. Any small business can make use of this blog to gain the right returns. When the right research goes in and the correct methodologies are applied from the start, there is no looking back thereafter.
  8. Get Elastic – If you are looking for an e-commerce blog, then look nowhere else. The Get Elastic blog gets you going from start till the end of e-commerce. No doubt it is the no. 1 e-commerce blog on the block. So get started with it to know every detail about e-commerce; brand reputation, payments, subscriptions, to name a few.
  9. Adweek – This is one of the most distinguished blogs when it comes to the B2B industry. Their blog posts are a great source for the mass media industry, the advertising industry because of their crisp summary of the happenings around the industry. It is almost preferred by every business communication president and the top personalities.
  10. Analytics Vidhya – At the start of this article, we have mentioned the very necessity of the power of analytics. If this property is utilized well, we do not know what all transformations that it can bring. Analytics Vidhya is one such blog which demonstrates the essence of analytics with a combined power of tutoring the advancements in the field. This combined power gives a winning edge to any business. So this is one such blog that should never be ignored.

Hope this article helps you to stay ahead of your competition. These are some of the Best digital marketing blogs in 2019. You must stay tuned to these blogs if you wish to get some extra knowledge over your peers. These, I’ve put into the list of the Best digital marketing blogs of the year for a reason. Check them out and you will know why. 

If you know any such blogs which can help others, do let me know in the comments section. Also if you are looking forward to availing some good digital marketing services for your business, you can contact our team.

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