Instagram New Features

Instagram New Features 2020 | Fast Forward & Rewind

Instagram is the most popular microblogging platform right now after Facebook and we have got a lot of Instagram New Features in the year 2020.  There are a lot of viewers who are just crazy about Instagram.

Instagram means a lot more than just a social networking platform for too many people. For some, it is just a way to while away some time and for some, it is a platform where they can show their social status to the people and Society and feel good about it.

People showcase their lifestyles and the standards of their living. They boast about the things they own, wear, eat and places they go to. Instagram has become a must-have app in every youths smartphone to know what their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are up to.

Instagram New Features

Instagram New Features

Catching up growth at such a fast face Instagram is evolving continuously. With this continuous evolution, there is a lot more coming in every now and then. Instagram Fast Forward is a new thing for the Instagrammers out there. Apart from this feature, there are so many more that we can consider discussing in this article. Some of the features are introduced already and some may be introduced in the upcoming months this year.

Instagram New Features | Fast Forward & Rewind

Instagram Fast Forward & Rewind | Instagram New Features

We often browse Instagram in our free time. What we mostly do is either watch pictures or browse some videos which are the two main features of this platform.

There is an irritating thing about Instagram that whenever we watch a video and if we, by chance miss any part of that video, we need to wait till the video gets over or is restarted from the beginning to catch up with the missing part.

It often results in the wastage of our time which we could have used to watch or browse something else. But now Instagram is trying to work on this problem that the users are facing. They are trying to introduce a new feature which will help you to fast forward a video or rewind it.

Now looking at the users and of the market, Instagram has understood that it will be a wise decision to introduce this feature rather than losing up people off its platform.

They know it very well that the attention span of a visitor online nowadays is very less. people do not have so much time to spend online and wait for a video to get over to watch it again. There have been other features introduced as well in the year 2019.

The feature which I’m talking about above is yet to be introduced and is still in the testing mode. We can forward or rewind a video with just a slide of our finger after this feature being launched.

Instagram New Features | IGTV 

IGTV | Instagram TVĀ | Instagram New Features

As of now, this feature of forwarding or rewinding a video with just a slide was available on the in IGTV that is Instagram TV. We could forward or rewind a video as per our preference. IGTV is one of the best and successful Instagram new features. There was a limit in terms of size and duration which we were supposed to follow when talking about uploading videos on Instagram.

we could not have uploaded a video of size more than 50 MB or a video for more than 60 seconds. With the introduction of Instagram TV, we are now able to upload videos of larger size and longest duration.

Instagram New Features | Native Insta check out

Native Insta check out | Instagram New Features

Also, there is are the feature in which people can tag a different kind of product in their pictures. Mostly influencers or brand ambassadors do that in order to promote a particular brand. They call it Native Insta check out.

This feature is going to be a boost to the shopping mechanism using Instagram as the platform to showcase the products. Since most of the people are using Instagram, It can prove to be a good tool similar to Facebook for the business community to extend their reach.

Instagram New Features |Live Feed Title

Live Feed Title | Instagram New Features

One more new option we got this year was to add the title to the live Instagram feed that you broadcast. Having the title on your Instagram live session free will be helpful for you to retain many people who come and watch your Instagram live feed during the session. 

If someone gets a notification that you are having a live Instagram feed from Mr.X. Once they open the live feed and they really don’t know what is going on and what the live feed is all about. Having a title will give them a good idea that what is going on and what the person in the live feed is talking about.

These are some of the Instagram new features which I know about. If you think I missed out on something or anything that I’m not aware of, please feel free to add on into the comments section.

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