Why Content Is Important For SEO – Top 5 Content Marketing Tools In 2022

Content is king; theres no doubt about it. But, what are some of the tools you need for marketing through it? 

The importance of content in online marketing is growing as we speak. You reading this very article is an example of target audiences consuming content day in and day out. That’s why viable and seamless content creation is important.

But, why exactly is it important? Moreover, what role does content play in search engine optimization? And what are some of the ideal tools to advance your marketing strategies?

These are some of the common questions that might be lingering in your head. So, let’s find their answers, shall we? 

5 Reasons Content Is Important For SEO 

Content helps marketing tactics get in line and overcome the obstacles of online challenges. It helps build businesses brands and generates an immense amount of audiences. However, it doesn’t happen overnight, as both SEO and content need to go hand in hand to make that happen.

That’s why it’s important to understand the reasons that drive SEO content. Moreover, it’s essential to grasp the idea that content is the most necessary pillar of any SEO strategy today.So, what are the reasons we’re talking about?

Here are five of them to help you understand why content is important for SEO:

  1. Tactical Keyword Usage: One of the most important factors in SEO content is the keyword usage. In fact, keywords are what drive any SEO strategy. That’s one of the most important reasons content is important for SEO.
  2. Backlinks, Interlinks & Outbound Links: Backlinking and interlinking strategies depend on one thing: the quality of content.Moreover, good outbound and inbound links generate more traffic, as search engines prefer them. That’s yet another reason why content should be on the top of your SEO checklist.
  3. Original Content Leads The Way: In any online marketing setting, nothing is more important than original content. We’re not only talking about good headlines but also the substance of blog posts and their plagiarism-free nature. That’s why content is the leading factor in SEO.
  4. Search Engines Look For Informative Value: Search engine crawlers look to index content day and night. That’s why, whenever a user inputs a certain query, their priority is the content with the most informative value. That’s when good content integrity and creation tactic comes into play.
  5. People Love It In All Niches: Regardless of the niche or industry, good content is the primary driving force of online marketing strategy. That’s why SEO tactics absolutely NEED content to drive their strategyforward and help the pertaining website stand out in the top SERP ranks. 

Top 5 Content Marketing Tools In 2022

The top tools that can help you improve your content marketing depend on your goal. In order to ensure that you have everything you need, we have devised a list of the top content marketing tools for different aspects of content creation.

These five tools will help you with a separate and important section of content marketing. So, let’s get started:

Google Analytics – To Measure Your Marketing Performance 

Google Analytics is one of the leading tools that you’ll need to improve your online marketing performance. This remarkable yet free tool by Google is ideal to help you understand how your website is performing in SERP (search engine results page).

Source: https://neilpatel.com/blog/how-to-get-actionable-data-from-google-analytics-in-10-minutes/

Tracking your website’s traffic reports and overall performance can help you improve it vastly. Moreover, it can also analyze your domain’s content and suggest elements to improve it. 

Check-Plagiarism’s Plagiarism Checker To Detect Duplicity

Plagiarism detector by Check-Plagiarism is going to be one of the necessary tools for you in online marketing. It can help you:
– Detect plagiarism 
-Access vast databases to scan for similarities
-Help you scan multiple contents at a time
-Freemium nature makes it ideal to Show the percentage of plagiarism in your writing

For a tool with this many benefits, it’s imperative that it should be a part of your online marketing strategy. Therefore, you need to ensure your content’s originality.

EditPad – Online Rich Text Editor For Collaboration

EditPad is a remarkable online editor which allows you to collaborate with your fellow writers, marketers, etc. But, since there are many tools like this, why does it stand out?
-It has a rich text editor
-It can help you correct grammar
-It has a paraphrasing tool
-It also offers an online HTML editor

These are the accompanying tools that it offers. Besides that, it’s ideal to help you overcome any content challenges by collaborating or co-writing with your fellow writers. 

Article Rewriter – To Rewrite & Recreate Integral Content 

Article Rewriter is another stellar tool on this list, and as the name suggests, it can help you rewrite your content without any delays or hassle. Moreover, it also offers three major options, such as:• Word changed to rewrite your content• Sentence changer to improve sentence integrity• Plagiarism remover to ensure content originality.

By providing all these, it can help you improve your content vastly. That’s why it’s one of the essential and necessary tools that content marketers need in their arsenal today.

Google Docs – To Collaborate & Brainstorm 

Google Docs is yet another tool that is ideal for online collaboration and brainstorming. When remote work is happening more than usual, content marketers must employ this tool in today’s world.

Moreover, it’s an extension of Google Drive’s suite, which also includes Google Spreadsheets and other elements. Therefore, it’s an ideal tool to ensure online collaboration. 


These are some of the major tools that need to be in your marketing arsenal. By using them for their goals, you can ensure your content marketing strategy takes off properly. Reach out to Jinconnect, digital marketing agency in Bangalore for any content marketing needs!!

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