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Improve Online Reputation Management – Stay a Step Ahead in the Game

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management is the technique or process that we use to save the significance of our brands on the internet. we know it that whenever a customer who is looking forward to buying a product or service that our business is offering, he will go online and check the reviews of the other people who have previously purchased the same.

There could be multiple possibilities depending on the previous experience of our customers. we may find good and bad both kinds of reviews for our business. By using the techniques of online reputation management We make sure that we present our business in a much cleaner manner.

We may have experienced some of our customers previously who were not happy with the services that we offer or did not like the product that we sold to them. Due to the lack of customer satisfaction, the customer can go online and post a negative review about our business.

Online reputation management will teach us how to tackle a situation when a customer is present online and talking bad about our business or brand. It is a very important wing for any business.

We can find bad reviews coming from many sources. It can be social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or other reviews based websites like Google reviews, Sitejabber, Glassdoor, Trustpilot, or Mouthshut.

How can I improve my online reputation management?

Online Reputation Management | How can I improve my online reputation management | ORM

There are multiple ways to deal with situations that can put your business down on the internet. So there are a few basic things we need to know and do to improve our reputation online. Let’s take a look at the measures you can take to maintain your online reputation.

  • Be prepared for any wrong or bad reviews for your brand.
  • Be aware in terms of people mentioning your brand anytime on the internet.
  • Try to Occupy the first page of Google by just your reviews.
  • Create a presence on all the possible Social Media platforms.
  • Actively respond back to all the reviews you get on the internet.
  • Don’t get into an argument with your customers online.
  • Listen to the queries you get and try to understand the customer’s point of view.
  • Be apologetic in the situation when you are wrong.
  • Compensate if any of your customers have faced troubles due to the bad product or service quality.
  • Review your own brand products and have a strong SEO strategy for that page so people see it.
  • Regularly keep blogging so that you keep providing quality information to your customers regarding the industry in which you are. It will increase your chances of ranking for other keywords as well within your industry.
  • Use Brand Monitoring tools if you can afford to monitor the online activities related to your brand.
  • Be active on Social Media platforms because people often complain about things gone wrong using social media platforms and give their reviews.
  • Buy negative Domains related to your brand name so that when someone is looking out for it, you are there. E.g. For a brand name Jinconnect, people may go and check for Jinconnect reviews in Google, You can go down and purchase so that it ranks for that keyphrase.
  • Make use of the tool “Google Alerts” and set an alert for Your Brand Name. Whenever some incident regarding your brand takes place on the internet, you get notified.
  • Contact media houses and try to get media coverage for your brand. Since news coverages rank faster, whenever someone looks for you in Google, they find that coverage as well.
Online Reputation Management Tools | ORM Tools

The Online Reputation Management Tools I Recommend Will be Google Alerts since it is free and Social Mention which gives you good data in terms of detailing.

Hope this article was helpful in understanding the concept of Online Reputation Management. If you find this helpful and feel this may be helpful to someone you know, please share it with them. Also if there are some questions you have, you can reach out to me through the comments section and I’ll reach back to you.

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