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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog | 22 Proven Methods

In this article, I will share with you guys how How To Get Traffic To Your Blog. It is no big deal to set up a blog nowadays. Any Tom, Dick, & Harry can have his website running. All you need is a domain and a hosting to get going. With some basic information about things, you can have your own website.

But the real deal here is to get traffic to your blog. Not everybody is able to generate enough traffic to their blogs. Most of the bloggers quit way before they taste success. The reason behind that is they don’t get to see the results behind the hard work they do.

What is it they do wrong that you can correct in your blogging journey? What are the things they did not know or did not implement even after knowing which resulted in the failure of their blog? Let us figure out:

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog?

tips to get Traffic To Your Blog
  • Blog on a regular basis as in the initial stages, you may not see any success but surely if you do things right, you will hit some really good numbers and get traffic to your blog.
  • Focus on Quality over quantity. Even if you are creating fewer blog posts, make sure that they are the best compared to others in the competition.
  • Make use of optimized Images. Articles that are plain look boring and dull. Nobody would like to read a pale piece of information when there are other attractive mediums available.
  • Make sure that every article that you have written is completely optimized as per the standards of SEO. Follow the methods given by Google to make an SEO friendly post.
  • Get your website indexed in Google so that whenever people look for the kind of content your website has, your website shows up in the results.
  • Just focusing on Google can be another mistake many people do. Apart from Google, there are so many other search engines people use though the majority of them use Google. We can not neglect the others as many others do that. that gives us an opportunity to drive that small amount of traffic to our site with the least competition.
  • Build backlinks on a regular basis. Make sure the backlinks being made are of good quality as in from High DA websites with the least spam score and relevant to your blog niche.
  • Leverage Social media platforms properly. There is a lot of potential in Social media platforms. These platforms have millions of users and a vast ocean of opportunities. Focus on creating a strong social media presence. This applies to almost every kind of blog or business as everyone around us on social media.
  • Question answer platforms like Quora are great in terms of driving traffic to your website. All you need to do is keep answering questions related to your industry on a regular basis with the links to your blog. This is going to be helpful only if you are providing great quality answers that people will appreciate.
  • Comment on other blogs related to your niche. If your comment is valuable, people will notice you. They would want to know you and will come to your blog through the link given in the comment.
  • Rather than spending more time on writing articles, you should spend more time promoting the articles you have written on different social media platforms, online communities, and forums.
  • Create great quality content that will attract backlinks from other blogs. Having backlinks from other high traffic blogs can get you some referral traffic.
  • Volunteer for Guest posting on other sites. Putting good articles on other sites can also give you an opportunity to get traffic to your blog or website.
  • Stay updated with what is happening in your industry and be the first one to write about it. If you are the first one to write about it and you are indexed in the search engines. When people will look for that stuff, your result will be on the top of the search engine results page.
  • Create compelling headlines that are sort of irresistible. A great catchy headline will make sure that people do not go away. When someone will see that headline, they will definitely click on it and hence your blog will get the traffic.
  • Maintain the factor of curiosity in the content you produce. At the end of every great quality article, promise something great coming up in the next one. This will make people wait for your next article and hence they will keep coming and checking your blog.
  • Answer more questions in your blog posts. Focus on long-tail keywords that people ask in the form of questions to the search engines. As voice search is taking over, more people will be inclined towards asking questions more often to their Digital assistants like Google voice assistant, Siri, or Alexa.
  • Keep your website optimized for mobile phones. Since most people surf the internet on their smartphones, Google ranks the websites which are mobile-friendly over the ones which are not.
  • Make sure that your website loads faster on any device mainly mobile phones. A website with slow loading speed will not be ranked well by Google. You may end up losing a large chunk of traffic to your website due to slow speed.
  • Keep updating your old articles with the most trending updates in the industry. It will safeguard you from being outdated and will maintain the flow of organic traffic to your blog.
  • Use Youtube to get more audience attracted to your blog. Most of us prefer to watch videos over reading some blogs full of text. Create a youtube channel and refer people from youtube to your blog and vice-versa.
  • Build Topical relevance around a single topic. Let Google, as well as your audience, know that your blog is a master blog when it comes to that topic. Whenever next they want to learn more about that topic, they will remember you.

Hope this article helps out all my blogger friends in some of the other way to get traffic to your blog. If you find this article helpful, please share it with others too. Also if you have any other method which has worked out well for you, feel free to share with others in the comment section.

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