No Need of Paid Tools – Free Tools by Google for Keyword Research

For Every Digital marketer or Writer, the most important and basics of their process is Keyword research. You opt for various means to search for that desired keywords. You may or may not find that keyword which works for you.

Today I am going to discuss how we can do keyword research using google for free. Google is a fantastic Platform. It has given us many tools from time to time, paid as well as free. It is better we utilize most of it as we have it.

So talking of the free tools available to us, we have Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, and yeah Google Search Bar. They are some of the fantastic free tools we can use to carry out the process of keyword research.

What is Keyword Research and Analysis

Before we start writing about anything, we need a topic to write about. A theme around which our content will revolve. Sometimes a subject and the primary keyword can be the same. However, sometimes they might not be the same but relevant.

A keyword is a generic or long-tail Keyword. It is a term on which we focus on to generate more traffic on our sites. We make use of this particular term in some significant areas of the content to let search engines know what the material is about. So we use these keywords as an attraction tool for the users online.

Keywords are something which people search into the search bar to get the results related to that keyword. Being a digital marketer, you need to know which keyword people are searching for. Which keyword will have a higher traffic volume in the future & which keyword will have a lower traffic volume.

We carry out a process to analyze the market. Specific tools are used to check the traffic volume, competition against that keyword and the cost people are ready to pay out there to rank for that keyword. Considering all the results we fetch, we conclude. We get guidelines to know which keywords to focus on more. This whole process is known as “Keyword Research and Analysis.”

How To Do Keyword Research and Analysis on Google

Doing Keyword Research is quite a tricky part. It isn’t some rocket science either. There are many tools available online. Some are good, and some aren’t that good.

Google is giving us some of its tools to use for free. These tools are a good option if you don’t wish to invest in the overpriced tools available in the market. Below are some of the best google free tools available for Keyword Research:

Google Trends

So talking about Google Trends, It is a tool which gives us a significant insight into the traffic volume of a Keyword. We can check the traffic volume for respective places and times. Here is a look at how the Homepage looks for Google Trends:

We can check which location is having more number of queries for a specific keyword. Google trends can help us determining whether the traffic for a specific keyword in increasing or decreasing with time.

Let’s take an example. Suppose we search for the term ‘gaming laptops’. We will get different tabs with different headings. We get a comparison option where we can compare two or more Keywords.

Next, we get a menu bar which we can use to filter the results. We can filter the results for a particular country, a time period, a category or from different search platforms by Google like Web, Image, News, Shopping, or videos.

Then we have a graph showing the number of searches performed for every particular month. Due to the graphical presentation, we can figure out when the traffic was more or when was it less. We may predict future performance as well to some extent.

Afterward, we get the data being shown on a map. This tab shows in which region of the world the most number of searches have been performed for that keyword. It shows a list as well on the right side which shows the most number of searches performed country wise in descending order.

Then we have some suggestions from Google about related topics and related queries. We can use them as a reference as well to build better content. Here is a look of the search results from Google Trends:

Google Keyword Planner

So to use this tool you need to have access to Google Adwords. This is a complementary tool for Adwords users. Google does not charge for using their Keyword Planner. This tool provides a detailed insight into the Keyword. It shows us many of the important factors we need to know before selecting a keyword to work upon. Here is how the starting page of the Google Keywords Planner looks before we search:

Google Keyword Planner

On the main page, we get two options. One is ‘Find New Keywords‘ which can help in generating ideas. Another one is ‘Get search volume and forecasts‘ and this option we can use to get detailed information about the keyword we select.

In the tab of ‘Find New Keywords’, We get Volume of the keyword with some related keywords, CPC (Cost Per Click), Competition and some other options.

Find New Keywords using Google Keyword Planner

Another option we get is ‘Get search volume and forecasts’. It provides the details like the number of clicks we can get, Impressions for that keyword, Cost spent on that keyword, Click through rate, Average cost per click, and Average position of that keyword. After we enter the keyword, the results window looks like this:

Get search volume and forecasts on Google Keyword Planner

Google Search Bar

It is a tool which is being used in our daily lives. This is the homepage of Google. what?

Yes, you got me right.

We can find keywords, to be more specific long-term keywords using Google. When we go to the Google homepage, we start by entering the query.

Google automatically starts suggesting some of the famous keywords people are looking for.

We can start with our main keyword and take the ideas from Google what else people are searching for related to that Keyword.

We can either do that or we can take the list of long tail keywords after we enter a search query.

Suppose I enter the same term ‘Gaming Laptops’ into the Google search bar. It will fetch us the results for that query:

Google homepage Keyword research results

We can scroll down and there we will find a list of searches related to our entered keyword ‘Gaming Laptops’.

We can take some of the related long-tail keywords and check their traffic volume, traffic trend, competition and other data using Google Trends & Google Keyword Planner.

Usually, the suggestions given by Google are the terms people are already searching for. So that part of the page will look like this:

Keyword research suggestions

So I hope this article helps you find the right keywords for free on Google. If you like this, please share with others. Let me know if you know some other ways to do keyword research for content for free.

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