What is Meta Title in SEO

What is Meta Title in SEO | Write a Great Meta Title 100%

New bloggers who are just beginning their journey often come across many unknown terms. Some terms are simple enough to understand. You can guess and understand the word the moment you read it. Few terms are sometimes complicated in terms of the way they are read and pronounced. Some people may wonder about what is Meta Title in SEO.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Meta Title in SEO?
  • What is the difference between title and meta title?
  • How do you write a meta title?
  • Why is the Meta Title in SEO important?

So let us get started and try and understand What is the Meta Title in SEO.

What is Meta Title in SEO

What is Meta Title in SEOSo we all have been using search engines on a daily basis. whenever we enter a keyword in the search box, we get certain results. There is a pattern that every result follows. Every result will have a Headline in blue color. That Headline we see is called Meta Title in SEO.

Meta Title Example | Meta Title in SEO

Meta Title is also called SEO title since that is the title we see in the search engine results page. It holds great importance because that is what impacts the mind of people and helps them decide if they should click on your search engine result or not.


What is the difference between title and meta title?

difference between title and meta title | What is Meta Title in SEOEvery article we right, we can have two titles for it. Here I’ll be talking about WordPress as that is the most widely used platform by the bloggers. When we start writing an article, we start with a title.

We write out the title and that is what will appear on the website if someone is browsing through as the title of that article. If we are using plugins like Yoast SEO plugin or Rank Math SEO plugin, we get an option at the bottom of the article editing screen to edit the snippet.

The snippet is a singular result which we see on the search engine results page and social media platforms if the article is shared. It comprises of the meta title, meta description, & the URL of the result. So we can edit the snippet in WordPress so that whenever that result comes in search engines, that edited version of our snippet appears.

difference between title and meta title | What is Meta Title in SEO

So, the point here is there could be two titles for a single post. One title that appears on the website as the title of the post. Another one which we call the meta title in SEO will appear on the search engine results page. Therefore they are two different elements.


How do you write a meta title?

How do you write a meta title | What is Meta Title in SEOMeta title in SEO is a crucial factor which can determine the traffic count of your site coming from search engines. People only click on the results which they like. They see if the Meta title makes sense to them and is related to the query which they have entered in the search box. Only if it catches their attention, they will click on it. Otherwise, there are so many of the results in front of them.

When you are creating the meta title for a post, you need to consider certain things. You can keep those things in mind and start creating your title. I’ve listed down some of the important things you should consider while drafting your Meta Title.

Let’s take a look at some of the important factors here:

  • Try to connect with the emotions and use emotional factors like curiosity.
  • Try to use numbers in your meta title. e.g. 10 tips to lose weight fast.
  • Use your targeted keyword in the meta title once not more than that.
  • Write the Meta Title within a length of 60 Characters.
  • Make your Meta title for humans not just for the search engines which will be called over optimization.
  • Try to use the targeted keyword at the beginning of the Meta title.

Why is the Meta Title in SEO important?

Why is the Meta Title in SEO important | What is Meta Title in SEOBeing a blogger, the whole purpose for all the hard work you do is to drive traffic to your website. You would want that traffic to come from organic means such as the Google search engine. You would not like to spend money and generate traffic to your website.

People, when they search for something in the search engines, they get a lot of results. Which result to click upon is dependent upon the person browsing. Now, what are factors that influence him to click on a particular result?

Let me tell you, the title is the most important factor there. There could be other factors too like meta description and the authority of the website. But people generally read the meta title first.

Meta title is the part of the search engine results which everybody will read before they click on a particular result. Only if they like the title they will read the description or click on a website.


Hope this article helped you in understanding what is Meta title in SEO and some other basic things related to it.

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