Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing | How things are changing in 2021

This article is about Artificial intelligence in digital marketing and how the trends are changing. There is no limit to the possibilities of change, Science and Technology can bring about.

Over the last few decades, we humans have seen some of the best and the most efficient innovations of all time.

Thanks to the various explorations and research being carried out, here we are. You reading this also is a result of one such advancement made from the often tedious offline system to the robust digital platform.

Especially in the last decade, we saw a gigantic rise in the digital platform. Many systems moved completely on to the digital platform and were well accommodated. Most of the systems are in the process of movement, all for good.

The Internet has played a key role in the digital platform. Today people engage in using smartphones and tablets with good internet coverage, and that is all it takes for the digital platform.

Role of internet

Any service-oriented domain or a product-oriented domain can be set up under a digital platform and it doesn’t stop there. The marketing on the digital platform works wonders for businesses and this property is the essence of digital marketing.

Digital marketing has huge benefits to the consumers as well, because of the awareness and recommendations that prevail among the consumers in the digital network.

The digital platform not only brought the businesses and consumers nearer to each other, but it has also helped in developing businesses along with making the products/services more reachable to the consumers.

Once that was the only location-based, now have the capacity to travel the globe. Examples of these include Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy among many others.

digital banking and finance services

The banking and finance services brought about an aura of change when they went digital. The physical presence of the bank is no longer a mandate unless and until it is a dire requirement of the customer.

We are all now able to get our transactions right round the clock, which was once restricted to the physical bank locations.

As against the earlier models, marketing techniques are now exuberant and have a customer-centric approach. There are various marketing strategies such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Display Advertisements and various other strategies to get the pulse of the customer in line to their desired businesses.

Thereby, good consumerism and good businesses come together to cater to each other’s needs.

Yet another scientific research and technology triggered innovation that is breaking through, is the magnanimous field of Artificial Intelligence. Like mentioned in the beginning, humans are only limited by their minds and the fact that ‘the interactive machines’, which was once a dream has come true now.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

There are no unturned domains in which Artificial Intelligence cannot invade so has Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing. It has been conquering diverse fields since its inception and no doubt it will just increase its magnanimity in the future.

A notable feature of Artificial Intelligence is the revolution it brings on to any field it is a part of. With this perspective, when Artificial Intelligence is applied along with Digital Marketing, it can cause groundbreaking systems.

The benefits out of it for the betterment of lives thus can increase manifold.

Industries Benefitted With The usage of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing:

Everything in the digital world is a lot of data which means, when processed it gives out meaningful information. This information combined with Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing systems can detect various patterns that give the E-commerce business greatly. Consumers are being shown products based on their search patterns instead of flooding them with everything, just tailor-made to their needs. There are assistants powered by AI that interact with the consumers based on the marketing strategy, Also, recommendations are made for the product. This targets the right customer.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing in Banking sectors

Banking sectors underwent a great change and it is still getting better and better. The AI-based chatbots have given the human touch while interacting with the customers. This also means that the initial queries are resolved without the physical presence of the customer at the bank. Most of the queries are now being fulfilled by a chat response instead of even reaching the customer service helpline. Numerous transactions are handled effectively, bank accounts are being opened by the customer sitting at home. This has taken the banking to the next level and is helping them to go one hundred percent digital.

Healthcare industry with digital marketing

The Healthcare industry is not like the earlier days. They are the ones that have embraced technology and making use of it to harness the power of it. There are powerful Patient Monitoring Systems that keep track of the patient record. There are apps and virtual assistants that address the patient’s concerns at a very minute stage. Henceforth the patients might be required to go to clinics or hospitals only for emergencies and the general illnesses can be taken care of the AI-assisted systems from home. This is like bringing the clinic to home using technological advancements. Virtual nurses can be an interesting upcoming example to watch out for.

Ai with digital marketing in Education industry

The Education System is moving at a fast pace using Artificial Intelligence Systems. We have already seen a large number of home tutorials or online learning methods being in place. This is not only giving a one-to-one learning environment but also providing access to Education at the times comfortable to the student. Learning is made fun with interactive modules along with conveying the same knowledge base as the traditional systems. In the future, children going to schools might not be required if they opt for a learn at home environment.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the important basic needs of a human being and it will remain so always. Despite having farming experience, there are instances of crop loss being reported every now and then. With the usage of Artificial Intelligence systems, this might never be the case in the future. Weather-based predictions of planting and harvesting the crop, timely usage of the right amount and the right mix of fertilizers are expected to revolutionize the field in due course of time.

What technology brings to the table is immense. If we take a look into the digital marketing platforms itself, there are various ways in which the efficiency has been increasing in marketing. Marketing today with the help of Artificial Intelligence is not the same as compared to even five years from the past, because we have been noticing ourselves a more personalized touch.

What is Coming Up For Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

  • There is nothing better than a friendly user interface. This feature is the one to keep the visitors engaged to the page. Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing has helped in creating an engaged audience who eventually are converted and the results are shown by having a rise in the percentage of conversion.
  • The website and its contents are vital to any marketing requirement. Many businesses nowadays can come up with their own websites just by adjusting simple texts and pictures without having to worry about getting it designed. Just by selecting the right template for the business is all it takes. Fraudulent systems are avoided to their maximum and security concerns have been addressed like never before because of the strong systems in place. This security is also responsible for more trusted b2b and b2c networks.
  • The content on the website is auto-filled by the AI systems effectively. This is being made possible by analyzing loads of data based on the search results. The data available is analyzed and curated according to customer needs. We all have experienced website recommendations already. That is the result of the powerful AI systems.
  • Google has well-captured technology and harnessing its power. Google voice search is commendable in times of need. Not falling behind is the Amazon Echo, although Apple’s Siri was the first in line. The virtual assistants or chatbots have made communication easy and immediate. People can get their desired concerns addressed in a jiffy.
  • The display ads are curated as well. While most of the advertisements we see are a byproduct of our searches and its analysis, we do have new similar ads being displayed on a lot of digital platforms. They are kept brief in order not to irritate the consumers, while they play a major role in increasing conversions. They have given proven results in converting leads and has revolutionized the market.

With this pace of the applications of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing and every field and not to mention the benefits it has brought about to the Digital Marketing Platform, we can expect rapid growth and more sustainable systems in the near future. Not only it brings about personalization which gives a sense of a warm human touch, but we can also expect the world getting closer and closer with each passing day.

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