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Ubersuggest Review 2021 | Features, Usage, & Pricing

Well, most of the Digital marketing is about knowing the right tools, how and where to use them.

This will be an Ubersuggest review article which is a tool given by Neil Patel, one of the popular digital marketers globally.

Neil Patel is an entrepreneur born in London and started some great companies like Kissmetrics and crazy egg.

Many of the ambitious Digital marketing learners would have already seen a lot of videos Neil makes. And this tool Ubersuggest is a contribution that Neil has made to the SEO industry.

Neil Patel is one of my favorite marketers. And Ubersuggest is so far my favorite SEO tool when we speak of some of the major SEO tools in the market in 2021.

What Is UberSuggest?

Ubersuggest Main page

Ubersuggest is an online tool that gives us important details for a website like Domain overview, Top ranking pages, Keyword suggestions, content ideas, Backlink data, Site Audit and more.

Uber suggest is one of the amazing tools right now in the market for all digital marketers, especially ones who are into SEO. Why I called this tool amazing is Because the teachers this tool provides, You get similar features in other tools which are paid ones.

If you are planning to get for SEO or you already work in the industry, you will need certain tools. They will make your work easier.

Now, most of the good tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs come for a heavy price which you may not be able to afford right now. Using Ubersuggest will act as a replacement without paying anything.

Is Ubersuggest Accurate?

When we speak of accuracy, no keyword research tool is. The data ubersuggest provides is pretty much reliable. Since the data sources for Ubersuggest are reliable, we can trust the results. 

When doing the keyword research through Ubersuggest, the complication which I personally feel is that you can not check the global data at once for a keyword.

In case you are a blogger and want to know the global traffic potential for a keyword, you will have a hard time. You can check the data country wise.

Where does Ubersuggest get its data?

Google Trends
Google Trends
Google Keyword planner
Google Keyword planner

As per various sources, Ubersuggest gets its data using the API for Adwords(Google Keyword Planner) from Google. This tool also uses the suggested keywords from Google Suggest to provide Keyword Ideas along with search volume and Difficulty level of the keyword.

You may be thinking that is Ubersuggest accurate? And the answer is Yes to a certain extent.

Since the source for fetching data is Google, we can say that Ubersuggest provides some reliable data that we could trust upon. Though It Doesn’t provide the users with accurate real-time data which if improved will be great.

Ubersuggest Review | Features Offered

Ubersuggest offers so many features that can come handy for many Digital marketers who look forward to keyword research and content creation for their websites. It can also help people who deal with SEO.

Now let’s take a look at the features that Ubersuggest has to offer to us:

Keyword Overview

Keyword Overview in Ubersuggest

This is a section in Ubersuggest which is completely dedicated to keyword research. We can check the search volume of the keyword, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and the CPC.

The bar is followed by a graphical representation of the search trend for that particular keyword. The graph gives us an idea about how many people in which month have been looking out for that keyword.

Keyword Ideas

Keyword Ideas in Ubersuggest

Sometimes the keyword we try to check the volume and difficulty level for isn’t suitable for us.

We feel that we have picked up the keyword with either very less volume or competition is high.

We can that time refer to this option of keyword ideas. We will find keyword suggestions as well as related keywords to the main keyword we enter.

We can pick up something to get some better keyword to write about which wouldn’t have come to our mind normally.

It also shows us the top results of SERP and gives us a rough idea of the domain score and the backlink count for the Ranking domain for that keyword.

Content Ideas

Content Ideas section of ubersuggest tool

This section of Ubersuggest is similar to the features of Buzzsumo. We can check the popularity of the content created related to the respective keyword.

Content Ideas section of Ubersuggest will help us understand which piece of content has the highest social shares on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

Looking at the most shared content, we can draw a conclusion of what people are actually looking forward to.

We can create content that people love. Our content will have a better chance to be shared by other people on social media.

Now that was about the tool Ubersuggest. Neil Patel in the same section gives some other useful tools.

Let’s take a look at the features of another tool called traffic analyzer.

Features of Traffic Analyzer by Neil Patel

Domain Overview

Domain Overview look of Ubersuggest

This is one of the basic features of Ubersuggest. Domain Overview gives us the complete details about any website we enter the URL of.

We get details like the number of keywords the domain is organically rankings for, How much are the monthly organic traffic, The domain score, and the number of backlinks the domain is having.

Followed by a graph which shows how the traffic has been increasing or decreasing over the last couple of months.

Also, we get to see the graphical representation of how the SEO rankings are changing for that site with time.

These insights can help us understand how a website has been performing from the past couple of months. We can get an idea of the growth of that website if it’s growing or decreasing.

Top Pages

Top Pages analysis by ubersuggest

After we enter the domain in the search bar, we have an option of top Pages.

This option will give us an idea of the top-ranking pages of that website.

We can check the rankings for different countries. It can help us understand in which country the website is performing better.

Also in which country what kind of content people are more inclined towards.

We have the same option which we have for content ideas here also. We can see which page has been shared how many times in social media.


Keyword research in Ubersuggest

Now, this feature under Traffic Analyzer is again a golden one.

Keywords can show us the ranking keywords for that particular domain along with the volume, ranking position, estimated visits, and search difficulty.

We can check the keyword segregation as per the countries. On the right-hand side, we can check for a specific keyword which is the top-ranking pages on Google.

The Next tool we have on the same page is SEO Analyzer. This is a complete on-page and off-page SEO audit tool.

This tool can help us with the understanding of the health of a website as per SEO standards.

Now let’s take a look at the features of SEO Analyzer and how we can use this tool for our websites.

Features of SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel

Site Audit

Site Audit using ubersuggest

This is one of my favorite features from this whole bunch of options available.

Site Audit gives a complete outlook of a website. We can have an on-page SEO score, monthly organic traffic, ranking keywords, and the number of backlinks on the top.

After a complete scan if the site for all the pages, we will see if we have any critical errors which need immediate attention.

The Site Audit tool will give us other warnings that should be looked after and also recommendations if any.

There is a section for site speed. We can see how well our website is performing on desktops as well as mobile phones.

Since site speed is one of the important ranking factors of the present times, this is something we need to pay close attention to.

At the bottom of the page, we have a section for top SEO issues. Which will highlight the errors and warnings which should be taken as the topmost priority?


Backlinks analysis in Ubersuggest

In this section, we will see the overall domain score of that website, the number of backlinks the website has, how many domains are those links coming from i.e no. Of referring domains, and monthly organic traffic.

This feature is similar to that of ahrefs. We can see the page on which the backlink is created, the domain score and page score of the referring domain.

We can check if that link is a textual link or created on am image. Also, we can see the anchor text used to created that link along with the date when it was first seen and last seen.

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest Pricing

While choosing an SEO tool, one of the major concerns many people have is with the pricing. We do have a variety of wonderful tools available in the market but most of them are priced very heavily which makes it difficult for everyone to afford.

Speaking of Ubersuggest, the pricing has been given in such a way that most of us can afford. Ubersuggest comes with a trial period where we can use the tool first and then decide to upgrade if we like it.

Ubersuggest gives us the flexibility while picking up the right package. We can either opt for a monthly plan or an annual plan whichever suits our pockets.

The monthly plan would cost us an amount of 899 INR while as the yearly plan would be for an amount of 8990 INR. Compared to many other tools in the market, this price is genuine enough for small business or a freelancer who is just getting started.

There are features like Rank Tracking, Site Audit, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, & Backlinks Analysis included in both the plans. You could refer to the image above to get a better insights about the inclusions.

NOTE: The features are continuously updated and there could be some minor changes while comparing the data in the article when compared to the tool.

Hope this article is helpful for did some justice for the term “Ubersuggest Review”. We use Ubersuggest for some of our clients at our Digital marketing company in Bangalore. If you found this article helpful, share it with others too. Meanwhile, you may like this article about Youtube SEO Tips.

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