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Digital Marketing Interview Questions – Crack your next interview

You must have heard of people preparing for IAS, IPS, and CAT/MAT exams. However in case you are in the field of technology and feel distracted by it because of the pace of the market world, you need to prepare for digital marketing as well.

Let’s first understand what it is and thereafter we can discuss some relevant digital marketing interview questions 2020.

Describing Digital Marketing                       

It is an advertising system over the internet via various methods like social media websites, mobile apps optimization on search engines and email, etc. People use all such methodologies for the promotion of their material online to gain the maximum output and beat their competitors in the market.

Digital marketing is a common word for the concerned, assessable, and successful promotion of company material using the web. The key objective is to make brands popular online, increase liking and sales growth through the above-mentioned procedures.

Now let us discuss some of the important digital marketing interview questions of 2020 with answers:

What is the importance of keyword optimization?

importance of keyword optimization | Digital Marketing Interview Questions

It matters a lot to properly place the keywords on a webpage as well as in an article in the process of achieving a higher page rank.

Keywords are used mostly in the following forms of website promotion.

  • Title of a website
  • URL of a website
  • A Meta tag (can be used as HTML source code)
  • Headings (titles of the articles/ blogs/ websites)
  • Content of the articles/ blogs/ websites

What is the concept of PPC? Explain models of PPC campaigns.

concept of PPC | Digital Marketing Interview Questions

The Full form of PPC is Pay per click. It is a mode of advertisement to make benefit from available resources of ad placement. In case you want your ad on someone’s website you need to pay him based on the number of clicks that occurred on your website. Another option is to choose the flat rate system of pay per click. In this method, you pay one unanimously agreed amount be it any number of ad clicks. One more option is the bid-based system. In this model, the advertiser needs to place a higher bid than his competitors. He needs to opt for a budget range and the advertisement gets ranked accordingly.

What are the characteristics of Bad BackLinks?

characteristics of Bad BackLinks | Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Bad links can decrease the page rank to a great extent and are characterized as below:

  • Links inserted to your website which has no relevance to your content or your website.
  • Links which have no page rank or have a low page rank
  • Exchanges links from other website owners
  • Where several websites are using the links with exact anchor text.
  • The link used from a website that is not indexed by Google.
  • Links which you have purchased

Describe Google Adwords.

Describe Google Adwords | Digital Marketing Interview Questions

The most famous pay per click ad system over the globe is Google Adwords. Every click earns the owner a specific amount as per the keyword cost in the market. This system helps people in creating advertisements that are displayed on search engines.

Which form of marketing is more popular? Online Marketing or Offline Marketing?

digital marketing vs traditional marketing | Digital Marketing Interview Questions

It is an important question in the list of digital marketing interview questions 2019. No doubt online marketing has an edge over offline marketing and it is more popular over the globe. The reason for being a large number of owners like to go for digital marketing because it provides a large number of profits. Search engine optimization, keyword research, and ad systems are the most common methods for online promotion.

Online marketing helps people with a great capability to attain leads. Whereas offline marketing which is considered as marketing via television ads, ads in newspapers and radio does not make a strong impression as online marketing while promoting products or services.

Can your digital marketing experience help the business grow?

digital marketing experience help the business grow | Digital Marketing Interview Questions

The question completely relies on your personal capabilities and the information which you could gather so far. Most relevant would be the skills that you learned throughout your professional career and the additional skills which you possess in comparison to your others in the same field. Another most important factor is going to be the specific skills relating to digital marketing which have a direct impact on the business.

Over here, the company is directly seeking your advantages over other applicants. You need to list your exceptional skills relating to online marketing, in-depth knowledge of the methodologies and what makes you different from others as a leading employee.

List some best online marketing tools?

best online marketing tools | Digital Marketing Interview Questions

The online marketing tools which can benefit grow a business in terms of digital marketing can be termed as below:

  • MailChimp: This tool is used while doing campaigns for email marketing.
  • Buzzsumo: It is useful in content-related strategies and helps to recognize most shared content relating to specific keywords.
  • Canva: A user-friendly software for the purpose of graphic designing.
  • Ahrefs: This is an SEO tool. It is useful for analyzing the performance of keywords and generating backlink reports. This tool can be termed as all in one SEO tool.
  • Buffer and HootSuite: It is an automation tool for social media websites. It automates your postings on most common social media websites.
  • Google Analytics: It is a very useful tool to monitor your website activity. It tells how many numbers of clicks your website got within the past one week, one month or past six months.
  • DesignWizard: This tool is new yet powerful which helps you to create great quality content within a few minutes without putting many efforts. They have multiple designs available to choose from.

Also, you may get an idea about in which regions your website was view most and where you need to promote it more.

In case you want to promote your website in a specific area of the globe, you may do SEO and keyword research relating to that particular area with the help of this tool.

Is a blog necessary for Social media marketing?

Is a blog necessary for Social media marketing | Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Of course. Every website must create a blog for promotion in the field of digital marketing. Among the most searched benefits of digital promotion, it has the advantage of growing the company’s reliability as an expert in the business. It also helps to provide unique content relevant to keyword relating to the industry. By creating valuable links to a blog you can increase the page rank of a website at an impressive outcome.

The above mentions digital marketing interview questions 2019 can really help you out while appearing for digital marketing exams. Make use of them and best of luck in your future endeavors. If in case you are looking for digital marketing services for the business you can contact us and we can definitely help as that is what we do at JinConnect.

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