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Digital Marketing Career 2021 | Salary, Scope & Opportunities

Heard about digital marketing? It’s on But how much do we know about the digital marketing career! Is it a wise choice or not? We have so many questions.

We would not want to start or career into a field with very little or no knowledge. It is always better to research before we take any major step in our life.

Today let’s try to know some basics that should be known before jumping in. Let’s try to figure out!

Is Digital Marketing career a good choice in 2020?

Is Digital Marketing career a good choice?

Since the internet is the main element of the society we live in, everything happens online.

There were times when very few of us had access to the internet. And now is the time when there is hardly anybody out there without it. Everyone has access to the internet.

This factor directly affects the means of marketing. Earlier companies used to target people with their marketing strategies using various mediums like TV, Radio & Newspapers.

Now they know too that they can have a better reach through the internet. Majority of the people may not be reading the Newspapers but they do have smartphones.

There is a replacement for the old means of marketing. Digital marketing is the new thing. In today’s time, a successful business knows they need to have a strong hold over the market and community online.

Not everybody can help them out designing their strategies and build their online presence. Here comes in the picture the role of a “Digital Marketer“.

Digital Marketing Job Description

Digital Marketing Job Description

So basically what a digital marketer does is the question now. A digital marketer plays an important role in any business. The responsibilities may differ from company to company.

If you are working as a digital marketing executive in a small company or a startup, you will have most of the responsibilities. But if you are working in a Multinational company or a big firm then the work is divided.

You may get a portion of the whole strategy to work upon which will be divided among many others.

A digital marketer can be an overall consultant or a specialist in any of the segments of Digital Marketing. You may specialize in any of those segments like SEO or running ad campaigns. You may handle the social media pages of the business to grow the business on those platforms.

This job is recommended to the youth who are more inclined towards tech. Not necessarily you need to have a specific degree. What matters is your efficiency to drive results. You need to have some proven results you have achieved to bag your first job.

If you are a beginner and want to learn, there are many ways. To learn by watching and reading stuff online is what I will suggest. You can take up online classes. You may go to some of the digital marketing institutes nearby if you want an experienced person for guidance.

Benefits of being a Digital Marketer

Benefits of being a Digital Marketer
  • Demand: There is a huge demand out there for digital marketers. So many job openings and very little competition. All you need is the right skillset and you are set to go.
  • Opportunities: Being a Digital Marketer doesn’t mean you can earn by just having a job. You can be a freelancer and work on multiple projects at once, depending on your capabilities.
  • Freedom: Being a Digital marketer gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. All that needed is a laptop and an internet connection. Not necessarily you need to be present at the office all the time.
  • Growth: Getting into this field at a time when there is no competition means you can have good growth. Since you will be present in the field much before many others.
  • Salary: Since the demand in the market for professionals knowing digital marketing is high, they get paid well too. If you start as a fresher you may start with something not that great. As you get more experienced, the salary grows more than other common fields in which people work.

Digital Marketing career salary for freshers

Digital Marketing salary for freshers

Talking about the salary for a digital marketing executive who is new to this field, how much is it?

Let me tell you something then. The salary for a digital marketing executive may vary for freshers and is completely dependent on the caliber and performance of the candidate.

A fresher can draw anywhere between 12000 INR -40000 INR per month depending on his skill sets. We can not determine a definite figure.

So, if you are planning to take up digital marketing as your next field to work in, I would say you better make sure that you are in a position to demand rather than settling for what is given. You should focus on enhancing your skills and improving your knowledge with every passing day.

There is good growth in this field but the only condition is your talent has to be of that level. My advice to you if at all you are planning is to focus on your skills and make sure you get results of what you do.

Results are what will speak on your behalf, not any certification. No matter how reputable authority your certification is from. It is simple, you don’t perform you aren’t valued.

The scope of Digital Marketing in the future

The scope of Digital Marketing in the future

So this field of Digital Marketing is booming now. But what about the future?

Will there be a scope of Digital Marketing in the future as well?

You may have this question on your mind that right now it’s doing pretty well but how will it be in the future. As per the statistics by smart insights, there is still a huge gap in growth to be achieved. There are so many small businesses that haven’t even made their presence online.

As time is passing, more processes are becoming automated and digitalized. Everybody around us is using the internet. It has become a necessity now. More and more people are being attracted by the ease and utilization of modern tech.

There is a little portion of traditional marketing leftover and that too is dying now. It is time for Digital Marketing. We may not predict the future precisely but looking at the graph, it is going up exponentially. For at least the next decade we can see the future bright.

Career opportunity in digital marketing in India 2020

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities India

There are plenty of digital marketing career opportunities. Let’s have a look at some of the major options you can choose from based on your interest and capability to perform.

You can either specialize in one of the core modules of digital marketing and present yourself as a specialist in that section. Or you can be an all-rounder by knowing most of the concepts.

Some of the famous job profiles available right now in the market for Digital Marketers are:

  • Digital Marketing Executive/Manager
  • SEO Analyst
  • Social Media Executive/Manager
  • SEO Content Writer (You may read out my post about content writing as well on this link)
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • SEM Executive/Manager

Basically, the thing is there are many positions available and waiting for the right person to fit in. If you have the passion to learn or already know quite a lot then definitely there is a job vacancy for you. Check this article if you are planning to start your own blog anytime sooner on the link here.

There is so much demand for digital marketers but so fewer people to fill in the positions.


The last words; Digital marketing is a great choice if you are passionate about it. You can make a good Digital Marketing Career in terms of growth and salary. The best thing I would say is to keep learning. Read as much as possible, watch educational videos online and keep experimenting. The salary will be good with time. There is plenty more to come in the future. So many job opportunities are there.

I wish you luck if you are going to step ahead.

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