Types Of Google Ads

8 Types Of Google Ads | Which one suits your Business?

Types of google ads are many but how many do you know of?

Are you looking forward to running Google Adwords Ads for your business?

If you are a beginner for Google AdWords and don’t know where to start from, First you should know what it is what are the types of google ads.

What is Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a platform operated by Google which helps the businesses reach the right customers at the right time when they are looking for the products or services related to their Business on Google Search Engine.

Types of google ads

Google has made it easy for any particular business to reach millions of potential customers worldwide or locally.

Any business owner can reach to his customers using this platform by spending some amount of money on the advertisement unlike the traditional forms of advertising.

Google AdWords has many more possibilities regarding the reach and budget Optimisation.

We have the option to choose how many people we want to reach and how much amount we want to spend on any particular ad.

This platform gives us an option to target a specific locality in your region or a whole country. We can segregate the audience to which we want to reach by their interest, professions, age, and many more similar factors.

This helps an advertiser to utilize the amount he is spending on the advertisement more efficiently. Google AdWords platform helps us to reach the customer who is looking forward to similar products or services we have to offer.

So Google helps the business operators to reach the customers as well as the customers to achieve the right product or service which they are looking for.

Check out the Google Adwords start page here to sign up for your Google Adwords account to begin.

What Are The Types of Google Network

The ads are being shown on the Google network it spread which across the internet. Google network is broadly classified into two types, Search Network and Display Network.

Google Adwords | Types of Google Network

Search Network: For the ads being shown on search network in Google the location for the ads to appear maybe Google search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Play and the other search portals which are partners with Google.

Display Network: So for displaying networks of Google the location for ads may be on sites like YouTube, blogger websites, Gmail accounts, and some other websites which have signed up for Google AdSense accounts.


What Are The Different Types Of Google Ads

So now talking about the Google AdWords types there are various types of Google Ads we can run.

There are eight different types, and we can choose depending on our goals and the kind of business we operate. The types of Google ads are Text Ads, Responsive Ads, Shopping Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, App Promotion Ads, Call only Ads, and Rich Media Ads

Not every ad-type will suit every business because every business will have their own goals and objectives. Some want traffic to their website, and some may want to generate leads. Some firms which are operating locally mainly wish to guide the customers regarding location to their store.

If a business is new and wants to create some brand awareness among the customers, they can use a specific type of AD format.

Similarly, some businesses may be established well in the market and want to generate some more leads to increase the sales and profitability. So for the,m, there is a different ad format which will suit their objective.

Text Ads

This ad format is shown on the search network and display network of Google. It contains the headline, Website URL, and descriptive text. We can add two headlines. The length of the headline can be a maximum of 30 characters. Display URL Path Field Length will be 15 characters.

We can add up to two descriptions. The description length can be a maximum of 90 characters. The Text Ads are shown as per the keywords related to the Ad groups. A person looks for a query in the Google search bar, and the most relevant ads are shown to the person.

You Can check the article related to How to do Keyword Research On Google For Free as well.

You need to be eligible by having a certain quality score for Google to showcase your ads in the search engine. Those factors that influence the quality score of your ad, we will discuss in some other article.

Responsive Ads

This was recently announced by Google as a new form of ad. It is similar to Text Ads. Responsive ads are a bit more flexible comparatively. This type of AD form automatically adjust the size and the dimensions of the ad as per the display on which the ad is being shown.

Responsive ads can be shown on devices as a display Ad with relevance to the content the user is browsing. Responsive ads are considered to be a part of display ads network. They can be shown on a website or an app.

So these ads are perfect for mobile devices since they appear in the full width. They adapt the size of the screen on which they occur. 

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are more suitable for a business having an online presence. A business can advertise their products using the Google AdWords platform. This ad format with highlight the product or the service in the search results along with the product title price and a small description.

These Ads can appear on Google Shopping for specific countries, Google search, Youtube and Search Partner-Websites. They are good to increase the sale. You can see the example on Google search. Go to Google search and look for the term ‘Laptops.’ On the right-hand side, we can see E-Commerce companies like Amazon (varying as per your location) competing with the Ads for laptops.

The cost per click is most of the times higher than Text Ads. The advertiser is charged only when somebody clicks on the Ad. There is an expectancy of a higher click-through rate for shopping Ads. To run shopping Ads, you need to have an account in Google Merchant Centre.

Image Ads

Image Ads are used when you want to catch the attention of the customer. They say “An Image Speaks a Thousand Words,” and that is true. There is a lot more that can be conveyed through an image rather than text.

These Ads can be seen on the Google Display Network. Image Ads can be seen on Google partner websites as well. You can use pictures and animations in this type of Ad Format.

So if you want to add a graphical item to the ad to showcase your product or the brand logo, Image Ad can be used. The conversion rate can be lesser than Text Ads as Image Ads aren’t much descriptive.

Video Ads

When Videos are played on a video platform like Youtube or the other Google Partner websites for brand promotion, those are video Ads. So if the impact of a picture is so high, guess the impact of a video on the audience!

Also, many brands make Video Ads for promotions. Videos can convey a deeper message and if made in the right way, can leave a lost lasting impression. Three types of Video Ads are In-Stream Ads, Bumper Ads, and Video Discovery Ads.

Perhaps creating these Ads can cost a lot of hard work and money. You may consider the charges for a professional video maker which makes it costlier comparatively. Also, the CPC for video Ads is higher.

App Promotion Ads

These Ads are useful to the businesses who operate on a large level and have developed an app for their business. App Promotion Ads are particularly run to promote the app business has made and to reach the targeted customer for App Installs or In-App Actions for the existing customers.

These Ads are links to the Play Store for Android smartphones and App store for iPhones where the customer can download the app. These Ads can be seen on search and display, both the networks. The only targeting option is based on location. We can use text, image, or video.

So companies use this Ad form to increase their customer base. Since everybody has a smartphone nowadays, more businesses are coming up with their apps. And every app once developed needs promotion among the customers.

Call Only Ads

If you are operating a business locally and want to increase the customer flow, then this may be the Ad form for you. These are more like text Ads with an extension of call.

Customers can cut short the hassle and with just a click make a call to you. You need to set the extension right and provide with your number. This helps with customer engagement.

So higher chances of conversion can be noticed since there is a human to human interaction. This builds the trust level, and the customers are more likely to transact.

Rich Media Ads

In case you want to use massive media files such as audio and video to increase the engagement of the user, you can go for Rich Media Ads. You can use a standard creative of size less than 200KB for smaller size files. But if your files exceed 200KB, you should go with Rich Media Ads.

In this Ad form, you can use multiple media files. You get options to track the user activities as well. It helps you to understand user behavior and then optimize the Ads accordingly.

So these Ads are used for features like polling and sharing the Ad among friends. Some of the examples of Rich Media Ads are Banners with floating, Dynamic creatives, Expanding Lightboxes, etc.

These are the main types of Google Ads what people use to promote their products, services, or brands.

Finally, I hope that the above articles which I posted for Google AdWords were helpful for you people to understand the basics of Google AdWords. We will cover the rest of the details in the upcoming articles about how to use Google AdWords and what are some of the Great ways to utilize the money you spend on the Google AdWords platform.

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