SEO and Plagiarism – Duplicate Content

It would be an understatement to say that content has exploded on the web in the past few years. Today there are more than billions of different web pages and thousands of words worth of content on them. You can not count the number of words listed on the web today.

The availability of a huge amount of text is also causing duplicate content issues, which have serious effects on the credibility and seo score of the site.

In this post, we will discuss the relation of duplicate content and seo along with its causes. You would also know how to check and fix plagiarism with the best plagiarism checker tool.

SEO plagiarism goes both ways!

Duplicate content is getting common online and is surely a result of plagiarism. You should know that duplicate content will surely hurt your seo score and other metrics that maintain your site’s authority. Here the important thing that you need to know is that plagiarism goes both ways. It would hurt both parties. So if you are plagiarizing or if someone is duplicating from you, then you are going to suffer in both situations.

The reason behind this is that duplicate content confuses the search engines. You only need common sense to understand that the search engine cannot rank two websites with the same content in the same place or one over the other. So the easy way out is to demote both of them and put them in the lower ranks where they would matter the least. Google is pretty clear in putting duplicate content down, and so you always have to ensure that you keep your website content in check.

Not only should you check new content for plagiarism, but you should also keep monitoring the already published one!

Degrees of SEO plagiarism

First of all, you should know that duplicating textual content, ideas, or thoughts of another person is known as plagiarism. There is no telling about the exact percentage of duplicate content on the internet. Still, a rough estimate tells us that more than 40% of content on the web is duplicate or manipulated from the other original ratio.

Here you should know that the search engines accept duplicate content in their index even though they have strict rules for websites to have unique content in exchange for a higher ranking position. We don’t know the reason for this hypocrisy. Still, we surely know that if your website has duplicate content in it or is using your website content on another source, it will surely affect the site’s ranking position.

There are many negative effects of having plagiarism on your website. Still, instead of talking about the consequences, we would like you to know about the degrees of plagiarism.

Patch writing

Patch writing is one of the common types of plagiarism found on the web these days. Patch writing refers to the rewriting of content that is already indexed on a website. In patchwriting, the original content is not rephrased. Rather it is used in the same context. Patch writing is unethical and can also get you into legal trouble if the content owner reports you.

Cut & Paste- Mosaic Duplicate content

This is how a person cuts small traces of content from different websites and creates new posts. Some people also call it mosaic plagiarism. Search engines would not penalize this type of duplicate content, but it is not good for the seo score of your site. Plus, you should also know that you won’t make it to the top shelves with this type of content.

Accidental Plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism, as the name tells us, is the type of duplicate content that occurs unexpectedly. This happens when two or more writers with a similar style work on the same niche or topic. Seeing the amount of content on the web, you must always keep in mind that your work would have at least 10% plagiarism in it. This is surely unintentional but still is illegal and unethical.

Plagiarism Checker for finding duplicate content that can hurt your seo score!

There are many plagiarism checker tools on the internet. Still, not all of them are capable of checking complete websites for plagiarism. This is why we would suggest you check your content for plagiarism with the best plagiarism tool.

One of the leading free plagiarism checkers on the web belongs to! Duplichecker offers both free and paid variants for plagiarism checking. So you can subscribe to the plan which suits your requirements. You don’t have to learn anything to use this plagiarism checker as it is very easy to use. It allows you to check plagiarism in raw text, complete files, and complete websites by taking their URLs as input. Duplichecker’s plagiarism checker also collaborated with dropbox and Google drive. So you can also check content from these cloud sources!

You can easily find and get rid of hurtful duplicate content with Duplichecker!

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