5 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost SEO Results

Business marketing, in general, is mostly about being able to expand your business and obtain new customers or client base. Therefore, having a successful email marketing campaign can help you achieve this without having many expenses. Namely, email marketing has one of the best ROI rates. ROI stands for the return of investment and email marketing returns around $44 on every dollar you spend on it. However, email marketing can also help you promote and boost other parts of your business. Today, we share 5 ways email marketing can boost SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your business promote blogs, articles, websites, as well as products through the search engine of your choosing. Moreover, not only does SEO help you increase quantity, but it also helps you improve the quality of your website and the content you create. But, how can email marketing help you achieve this? Let us discuss that.

5 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost SEO For Your Business

Improving Bounce Rates

When you are focusing on your SEO optimization you are basically working with search engine algorithms to improve your website traffic. One of the main things that can cause harm to this is the bounce rates. Bounce rates are statistics that show how many people entered and left your website without triggering any request from it. Therefore, improving bounce rates on your website is something you should focus on as you push new content and work towards marketing it in a proper manner. The bounce rate you have on your website will directly affect how often and where your website pops up in the search engine. To ensure you have low bounce rates you have to create outstanding and engaging content that you will link in the emails you send as newsletters. Mostly because visitors that open links to your website through emails are more likely to be engaging in the content you advertise.

Social Engagement Focus

Logically, when you create content, you want as many people as possible to see it and even engage with it. To increase the chances of people being able to see the content you create, you should include social media sharing buttons in the emails you send that promote your content. Moreover, you should also do this on your website. That way, you allow your clients or customers to partake in sharing useful information from your content with other people. More importantly, try to implement a CTA (Call-To-Action) button in your emails to increase the chances of people sharing the content onto other platforms or to their friends. One of the most effective ways email marketing can boost SEO is by allowing recipients to share it to other platforms and make your website known across social media.

Email Content Personalization As One of The Ways Email Marketing Can Boost SEO

There is one thing that is as relevant as high-quality content and that is how you approach each recipient in your email campaign. Namely, personalizing your emails is an important step to achieving better website visits, as well as conversion rates. For instance, you can use reliable software and tools for email campaigns, like Constant Contact, that will help you segment your audience better. By doing so, you will be able to make each email you send closer to the reader. This can later translate into higher conversion rates and bigger audience attraction. For example, if you have a blog that deals with gardening, you want to make your emails appealing to the people who are reading them. Furthermore, you can segment your audience by things like previous purchases, age, interests, etc. This way, you can promote specific articles to people who might have the highest interest in them.

Make Sure The Content You Are Advertising Is On The Website

Pushing your new content through emails will only have an effect if the content is already on your website. As we were saying, the main goal of this form of marketing is to create higher visiting and conversion rates on your website. Therefore, your email marketing campaign should actually work for your website. On the other hand, by doing so, people will more likely search for your website and content through the search engine. This will directly impact your SEO optimization and help your website appear more often at the top of search engines. Although you are using email marketing to promote your new content, you are also highly dependent on how many people visit your website on a regular basis, do not forget that.

Using Smart SEO KeyPhrases and Keywords

You cannot simply know which keyword will actually work best for your content. Therefore, you should be ready for some failure before you hit the spot. Namely, testing different keyphrases or keywords can actually help you in the long run. For instance, using difficult or not-so-frequent words from an everyday vocabulary might not be the smartest of ideas. However, if you get to know your audience, you might be able to understand what they search for the most. Later, you can utilize this knowledge to create key phrases that will surely be a success. To successfully find ways email marketing can boost SEO, your best solution is sending different emails and seeing which keyphrase works better. Learn how your audience functions and adapt your SEO optimization to that demographic.

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