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5 Things That Everyone Gets Wrong while Choosing Digital Marketing Institute

Launching a digital marketing career can be fairly easy. All you require is a good digital marketing course, some internship, and on-hands experience. But sometimes you may find difficulties Choosing Digital Marketing Institute that is right. Yet, there are several top things that everyone gets wrong in their digital marketing career.

And this can cost you a job or even a career.

Therefore, it’s very important to know what things have you got wrong in your digital marketing career. What are the mistakes, if any, that you’ve made or are committing right now?

How do I choose a Digital Marketing Institute?

As a rule and not exception, whatever goes wrong in your digital marketing career begins with where you did the course. Usually, a digital marketing course costs Rs.40,000 and upwards, depending upon the institute that makes tall claims.

So let’s start from the very beginning when you actually decided to do a digital marketing course.

Inexperienced Faculty

Inexperienced Faculty | digital marketing institute
Inexperienced Faculty | digital marketing institute

Everything can go wrong in your digital marketing career if the faculty of any institute are mere trainers and have no practical experience. Training from textbooks is one thing while tutoring from experience is a completely different ballgame altogether.

If the institute doesn’t have faculty that are renowned bloggers and content writers, website design experts, and specialists in various digital marketing processes, you’ll just have a certificate without actually learning the skills.

Therefore, it’s always best to check the credentials of the faculty before joining any digital marketing training institute. A person that runs a successful blog, works for a large organization as a digital marketer are some things you need to check.

Minimal Practical Training

Minimal Practical Training in Digital marketing institute
Minimal Practical Training in Digital marketing institute

Generally, most digital marketing training institutes begin by teaching theories. That’s utterly useless. Some allow students to get on-hands experience on third party websites. Hence, the student has little or no motivation to put theory into practice.

And worse, digital marketing training institutes give limited access to these websites or don’t allow practice at home to protect the interests of website owners. Meaning, you’ll not have passwords to access the WordPress dashboard of these websites.

An excellent digital marketing training institute will launch your course by giving you your own website and teaching how to design it using various WordPress resources. Since you’re the owner of the website, it’s possible to upload any content that matches your skills, profession, or hobby. And as the owner, you have round-the-clock and complete access to your website’s WordPress dashboard.

When you own a website, you’ll definitely be motivated to practice and utilize all digital marketing processes to promote your own blog. The extra efforts you exert on your own website make you an excellent digital marketer.

If you don’t own a website and have learned digital marketing with theory and on-hands practice with limited access, you’re bound to face unsurmountable problems with your digital marketing career. When you own a website, you can practice the latest digital marketing techniques and implement them at work.

Furthermore, this website also serves as your marketing tool to get a job. An employer that knows digital marketing will study the metrics and data of your personal website. If they’re impressive enough, you can get the job.

Inability to Buy Own Resources & Digital Marketing Tools

Inability to Buy Own Resources & Digital Marketing Tools
Inability to Buy Own Resources & Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing requires lots of resources or tools. These aren’t available free. Such tools are useful to search keywords, page rankings, creating backlinks, social media marketing, email marketing, and lots of other processes. The cost of these resources can run up to Rs.100,000 if you’re looking at subscribing to professional digital marketing tools.

A digital marketing training institute will allow you to use tools only while you’re learning. However, when you start working, your employer may not have these tools ready or could be unwilling to invest such money. In such a scenario, you’ve no option than pay for these tools or access them illegally with passwords from friends and well-wishers.

A superb digital marketing training institute like DMatic Digital will provide these tools free and allow you to use for at least three months after you’ve completed the course. That’s because the training institute wants you to be a successful digital marketing professional.

Lack of Support to Alumni

Lack of Support to Alumni
Lack of Support to Alumni

When you’re launching a digital marketing career, it’s imperative you’ll come across unique situations and difficulties. Failing to overcome these situations or problems projects a very poor image of you before the employer. They’ll rightly think you’re inefficient and incapable of doing the job. So where do you look for help?

Any digital marketing institute that’s serious about its training and career prospects of its students will provide years of support to students that complete the course. This means you can call up faculty members as alumni and get your doubts or questions relating to a situation or problem resolved immediately. That’s possible if the institute has professional digital marketers who’re working and are aware of problems that a fresher would face.

No Digital Marketing Internship before Job

No Digital Marketing Internship before Job
No Digital Marketing Internship before Job

Taking a digital marketing job, even as fresher, without working as an intern for a few months is similar to committing professional hara-kiri. You could have learned the best of theory and maybe even had some on-hands experience. Unless you practice these in the real-world corporate environment, there’s no way to gauge how you’ll perform at a full-time job.

Usually, every digital marketing training institute does offer limited internships with other companies. However, the staff at these companies may not be aware of digital marketing. Hence, you’ll have nobody to check your performance and alert about grey areas.  Thus, you may end up falsely believing you’re an expert in digital marketing already.

A good digital marketing training institute provides in-house internships. This means you’ll be a paid intern at the institute itself. At the same time, faculty members of the institute will gauge your performance and help you overcome any areas where you lag.


As we can see, the main thing that everyone gets wrong in their digital marketing career is choosing digital marketing Institute: studying a course that focuses on theory, promises countless modules that are of no value and limited on-hands training. If you get the best digital marketing course, you’ll encounter very few problems in your career.

The same thing applies to people who are into Business and want to choose a digital marketing freelancer and Consultants to take over their digital marketing needs.

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