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Content Creation Problem Solved | Write Hindi Blog, Post in English

I’ve come across so many people who want to be bloggers. There is a common problem which most of them face. They don’t like to write or they aren’t that great writers while addressing the English language. Many I know can write an amazing Hindi blog but the Internet demands English. I’m going to solve this problem for you in this article.

How to Write Hindi Blog without typing

Write Hindi Blog without typing | Hindi Blog

There have been so many technological advancements in the past decade. We see a lot of new things coming up every now and then. Something similar is the voice search we have on our phones. We can ask Google the query we have and Google answers.

It simply means whatever we speak, Google has reached up to that level of advancement that it can understand our voice too. You may have tried using the Google assistant. We start by saying “Ok Google” followed by the query we have. Google will analyze our voice and return back the results to us.

With every passing day, it is getting smarter. So we can say that there are possibilities for us to get into the section of blogging using the technology called voice-to-speech. There are smart bots that we can use. They could either narrate a piece of text on the screen for us or they can write a script for whatever we speak.

Let us take a Look How we can use a free tool given by Google to write Hindi blogs without typing out anything:

  • Go to Google Docs and Log in through your Gmail account.
  • Open a new blank document to start your Hindi blog post.
  • From the menu bar, navigate to the tools and click on it.
  • Select the option of Voice Typing. You will see a small mic icon appearing on the screen.
  • By default, the language selected will be English. Click on that and change it to Hindi or any other desired language.
  • Click on the mic icon and you are all set. Start speaking and you will see Google filling up your blank text document with the words that you speak.

After you finish your article, what next. We need to change the blog post we wrote in Hindi to English.

How to Convert Hindi Blog in English

Convert Hindi Blog in English | Hindi Blog

The next thing is simple enough. We have to translate the article we created in Google docs in the Hindi language to English. To do that we will take help from another Google tool which is called Google translate which is absolutely free again.

Below are the steps you will need to follow to translate your document in English after creating it in Hindi:

  • Open Google Translate and make sure you are logged in.
  • On the top, you will get two boxes, one for the text and one for documents. In the text option, you can directly type or copy-paste the file created in the Google Docs app. In the file option, you can upload the file from your system if downloaded.
  • Let us go with the text option. Now there will be two boxes on your screen. One for direct language and one for translation.
  • Change the direct language bar to the Hindi Language and translation bar to English. So now you will be translating Hindi into English.
  • Paste the file created in Google Docs in the right box and on the right side you will get an English translated file of the same document.

Note: It is recommended to have a check before finalizing the document. Sometimes technology could make errors or we may have some pronunciation issues. Re-read the document once and also I would recommend using Grammarly, which is an online tool to help you write a better copy of your Blog post.

Grammarly will check all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and make the final version of our Hindi Blog post as good as any other blog post posted in English.

I have written this article with the hope that many who struggle with the same problem are helped out. If you like this one, please do comment and also if you feel you know other people who could be benefitted out of this, share it with them as well.

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