Wordpress vs Wix

WordPress vs Wix – Ease or Flexibility, what should you choose

WordPress vs Wix comparison is what I’ll do in this post. Blogging has become a versatile field that many people want to try. Many of the beginners are stuck with making the decision of which platform they should be choosing to start their blogging career.

Since there are so many choices available in the market it becomes really difficult for a starter to select a perfect platform for them. This article is about the comparison between two of the most famous platforms where you can create your website or blog.

Like the title says on the top ” WordPress vs Wix“, let us try to compare both the platforms and see which one should be the perfect choice for you to make.

Blogging on Wix Or WordPress | WordPress vs wix

When I speak of my personal experience I have used WordPress as well as Wix. There are certain things which I liked about WordPress and some other things which I would prefer on Wix. So now if we have to evaluate which platform Should be the one that you should use how do we do that?

What you will learn in this article:

we will compare the features which both of the platforms provide as well as the pricing that you have to pay to use those features. We may find a winner at the end of the comparison or possibly both can be winners as well depending on the kind of requirements that you have.  so without further ADO let’s get started:

What do I like about WordPress?

Things I like about WordPress

when we talk about things that one should be liking about WordPress that could be multiple since there are so many things.  let’s take a look at the list of things that I personally like about WordPress:

  • WordPress has an easy-to-use interface which if you spend a few hours understanding you can be really good with it.
  • WordPress comes along with a bunch of free themes that you can use and modify as per your preferences for your website to look better.
  • To increase the functionality and the features of your website or blog you can have access to thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins which can be really helpful for you to enhance the performance of your website.
  • You can give access to multiple users who can be contributing to your blog or website simultaneously when you yourself will be working on it. This feature is helpful for the people who start a common website or blog together.
  • When we speak about Search Engine Optimisation WordPress can really be a game-changer since it is a very flexible platform where we can change multiple things as per the standards of SEO.
  • We can easily integrate multiple other third-party software within our website with just a few clicks. It can be for example either Google Analytics, AdSense or any other CRM software.

There are so many things which I was not able to cover but definitely, once you start using this platform you will come across all of those benefits and all the things that I missed out which should be mentioned here in the list of things why a person should like WordPress.

What I do not like about WordPress?

Things I do not like about WordPress

Now unlike so many things that were in the list of things I like about WordPress there aren’t many. But let’s take a look at what are those few things which I do not like about WordPress:

  • For every WordPress website, you need to have a hosting to save all your files in someplace on the Internet which they call a server.  if at all you want to access those files without using the interface of WordPress, it will give you a tough time because to access those files you need to know how to use Cpanel.
  • If there is a problem with the hosting on which the website is being operated upon, it may create problems for your website too e.g. bad server response time, downtime, etc.
  • If you mess with some file in your Cpanel which you don’t know what it is about you may lose your complete data if you don’t have a backup.
  • Usage of too many plugins will be needed for some websites and using too many plugins can make your website lag and load slow. Slow-loading websites can be a hurdle for your SEO rankings.
  • Customizing can be a task if you are too specific about the kind of design you want. For experts, it may be easy to do but for the people who have just got started, they may face some real challenges while making their site look like the way they want.

Now that I have spoken about WordPress and the things I like and Dislike about WordPress. Now is the time we take a look at the competitor, Wix. Let us see what are the things which can help you decide if you should go ahead with Wix or WordPress as the platform on which you should be starting your first website.

What do I like about Wix?

Things I like about Wix

Wix was one of the initial platforms that I explored when I was trying to get started at the begging of my blogging journey. I did some kind of comparison and at that point in time, and I got attracted to Wix as an amateur because of the outlook and interface they show. Let us see what were the things back then which made me like Wix.

  • Wix is easy to set up for a rookie especially. They have a step by step guided arrangement which can help any person who knows a bit of tech to go and create their account as well as the website.
  • There is no need for a third-party hosting service provider as they have everything sorted on their platform. That saves people from all the extra processes they need to go through if they go for platforms like WordPress.
  • Like WordPress, there are extras that are called plugins in WordPress in Wix as well. There aren’t many but close enough in numbers as many we will need. Now what I like about that is these plugins or apps are tested by Wix and only then published for public access, unlike WordPress which causes problems on the website.
  • The drag and drop and drop interface is the best feature we have in Wix compared to WordPress. It makes things in terms of designing easy for us to do without much hassle.

Now, these were some of the things I liked about Wix. You can consider the above points for comparison with WordPress. We now will see what are the things that made me leave Wix and shift to WordPress.

What I do not like about Wix?

Things I do not like about Wix

There were definitely plenty of things that would have made me stay a long time user of Wix. But there were certain things which with the passage of time I required for the kind of website I wanted to make and those options were either not available in Wix or available for a given cost. Let’s see some of the other features I didn’t like:

  • Wix will cost you more compared to WordPress in the longer run.
  • In case if you want to optimize your content for SEO, it gets difficult to do the same in Wix. While as in WordPress there are so many free plugins to help you do the same.
  • In WordPress, you can set up a free e-commerce store using Woo commerce plugin. In Wix for that also you need to pay.
  • It will be really a nightmare for you if at all in the future you plan to migrate your website from Wix to some other platform.

WordPress vs Wix comparison Conclusion

Keeping into consideration the above points, I’m sure you are now in a better position to make a decision which one would you like to go for. Do let me know for you in this fight of WordPress vs Wix, who do you think is better?

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