Seo Interview Questions With Answers

11 Seo Interview Questions With Answers | Crack Your Next Interview in 2021

Hello SEOs,

Planning to appear for an interview for SEO? Thinking what questions might be asked?

Well nobody knows exactly what the interviewer may ask but based on research our team did, we accumulated a set of questions that we feel are the commonly asked Seo Interview Questions.

This will be a great add-on to your knowledge making you eligible for most of the job vacancies for SEO. Definitely your skills play a much higher role but it is important for you to know how to answer some of the commonly asked Seo Interview Questions with a much professional approach.

Seo Interview Questions

Why do you want to be an SEO executive/analyst/specialist?

Why do you want to be an SEO executive:analyst:specialist

This answer isn’t very tricky. You can talk about some of the common advantages of SEO. You can tell the interviewer how amazing it is to generate traffic without spending tons of money on advertising.

Talk about your willingness to be recognized as a person who can drive potential customers to a business website with the right strategies without making the business spend on advertising.

Why do you see yourself eligible for this position?

Why do you see yourself eligible for this position

Before you attend an interview, I would strongly recommend going through the website of the company. Do a complete SEO audit and find the areas where they are lacking behind. Find the areas of their website where if things improved can give a spike to the website traffic.

Once you are ready with your homework, you know where the company website stands. Put those points in front of the interviewer. Tell him you know how to correct some of the major issues your company website is having and your presence in the company is going to be a valuable addition to the list of their good employees.

How would you determine the difficulty of a Keyword?

How would you determine the difficulty of a Keyword

When we talk about the difficulty levels of a keyword, we do have plenty of tools that help us to get some rough ideas. We can use those tools but sometimes it can be a stupidity also to completely rely upon those tools. Some of the tools that can be used for Keyword research are: ubersuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc

They may give us the difficulty level may be on a scale of 0-100 or in the units like easy, medium, hard. But the right way to analyze the difficulty level of a keyword would be to use Google.

We should google that term and analyze the results coming up on the first page. They are basically your topmost competition. Analyze their content quality, the structure of their content, and length.

You can check the average domain authority of the pages ranking on the first page. Also, you can look into the average number of backlinks they are getting from external sources and how strong is their backlink profile.

Keeping all the points above into consideration, we would be in a position to judge if we could do the same what is needed to be competing with the top-most results, we will have our answer.

How would you reduce the spam score of a website?

How would you reduce the spam score of a website

Spam score increases as the website keep getting backlinks from domains with higher spam score or the pages which are highly irrelevant to the content that is on your page.

It is advised to get backlinks from the relevant websites with the least spam score. Now that if a website already has got a pretty high spam score, we can reduce that.

We need to make a list of all the referring domains, sort them in an order with as per the spam score. Take the URL’s which have a higher spam score as into text editor. Later submit the same text file to Google using Google’s Disavow tool.

It will be kind of telling Google not to consider those links for ranking. Also simultaneously keep building high-quality backlinks. There are multiple other methods to do the same.

You can use tools like moz chrome extension to check the spam score of a website.

What if a site is not indexed by Google, How would you fix it?

What if a site is not indexed by Google, How would you fix it

First, we can check if the site is indexed by Google or not. We can go to google and type out to see if any of our site pages are indexed by Google or not!

We may see results from our site or not. The number of pages we will see in the results are the pages indexed by Google. If we see none, Google hasn’t discovered our site yet.

How do we fix it? We need to make sure our site is indexable and there is no no-index tag on our site. WordPress websites may often find an issue where the option “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” is checked in your settings reading option. You need to un-check that.

Once you make sure of the above point, then go to Google search console and create an account. Once the account is created, submit your sitemap and Google will send its bots to crawl your website for indexing.

What are the best ways to create backlinks for a new website?

What are the best ways to create backlinks for a new website

There are plenty of methods through which you can create backlinks. For a new website, it is advised to start by creating social media profiles on all the major social media networks. Also, make sure you do mention the website of your business or blog.

You also should share all the blogs or services your site has to those social media pages. If possible ask your employees, colleagues, and friends to share your content too. This will give your website a stronger boost in terms of rankings. It will show stronger social sharing signals to Google which is a ranking signal.

Then you can possibly move ahead to profile creation sites, social bookmarking sites, business directory submissions, question-answer platforms, Guest blogging, email outreach, and many more techniques to improve on the same.

Here is a list of other methods by Entrepreneur, an online journal that can be a help to create backlinks for your new website.

Keep in mind the domain authority of the referring websites should be higher, the spam score should be the least, and the content on the referring page should be relevant to that of your website.

What is the most important thing about the SEO process?

What is the most important thing about the SEO process

Well, there isn’t any element of the process which is less important. But I certainly believe that keyword research holds greater importance.

Imagine you do all the hard work to get a keyword ranked by Google. You optimize the page well and get some great quality backlinks. You rank on the top too.

But, the keyword you are Ranking for isn’t relevant to your business. Or the keyword doesn’t have enough search volume. Maybe the competition is too strong that you don’t even rank.

It’s better to know what keyword meets your business goals, has a volume you expect and have the ranking difficulty which you can match.

Which are your preferred SEO tools?

Which are your preferred SEO tools

This question you should answer as per your preference. You can talk about the tools you like the most.

Be sure the tools you speak of are the ones you have used. The interviewer, if knowledgeable, may ask you questions related to those tools which you will mention.

I prefer ahrefs for backlink analysis, traffic analysis, and keyword research. Semrush is what I use to do competition analysis and SEO content template generation.

I also use Woorank to do on-page audit, some Chrome extension, Google trends, ubersuggest and Google keyword planner.

I recommend using as many tools as possible to get a better insight into the data because most of the tools show fluctuations in the results shown when compared to another one.

How often should you be publishing content on a blog?

How would you integrate Schema markup in a website

Publishing content is always good. It gives Google a sign of the website being active. Hence content should be published as often as possible.

But most importantly, the content which is being published should be of great quality. Rather than posting an article every day, post an article a week but make sure the quality is maintained.

Great quality content is highly appreciated by Google as well as the readers. Maintaining a frequency is recommended though.

Tip: Use tools like Grammarly to make corrections to your articles before publishing.

How would you speed up a slow website as per SEO?

How would you speed up a slow website as per SEO

Page speed is an important aspect of Technical SEO. Google is very particular about the page loading speed. When speaking about website speed, we need to measure in order to track our performance.

There have been many surveys done that have shown a direct relationship between the search rankings and the page load time. People who take it seriously are the ones who see better results. We should use tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom tools, or Google pagespeed insights to measure the speed.

If we find our website is performing badly, we should take important measures to improve. Particularly if this is a WordPress website, we should be very careful while choosing the theme.

We should use the least number of plugins possible to keep the site light. Don’t compromise with the hosting quality. Choose a better host like Bluehost or Siteground. Make sure the server location is nearest to the geographical region where your customers are.

Use cache plugins with many improved functions like lazy load, Gzip compression, and more. One such plugin I would recommend is WP-Rocket. Use optimized media files. Compress images before uploading or use plugins like WP-Smush and Imagify which will optimize your files after you upload them.

If possible use a good quality CDN (Content Delivery Network). It will deliver the content of your website faster to the people browsing throughout the globe.

How would you integrate Schema markup on a website?

How often should you be publishing content on a blog

Google has been continuously talking about schema from the past couple of years. It has become very important for a website to have schema markup integrated with their websites.

Schema markup language helps google to understand the context of the content rather than treating it just another block of text which is focused on keywords. Google is trying out harder to meet the expectations of the searchers by understanding their intent. And simply put, “Schema markup language helps google to understand the intent of the content.

To integrate schema into your WordPress website, there are plenty of plugins in the market like Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets by brain force.

Now if that isn’t something that you would prefer, you can also use the Structured Data Markup Helper tool by Google. This can be also useful for websites built on coding languages.

I hope these SEO interview questions help you crack your next interview. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment and I would be happy to help. Also if you are looking for a digital marketing freelancer or consultant for any of your works, you can get in touch

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